Access Restricted US/UK Websites Like Hulu – TunnelBear

If you’re trying to access restricted US/UK websites (or if you want to stay away from hackers), for example – Hulu, TunnelBear can do the work for you. It’s not just about accessing restricted websites, it is also for people who like anonymity.

Sites with geographical restrictions are increasing, a recent example is Spotify. TunnelBear is the easiest VPN solution I have seen, here are its features.

TunnelBear app

Features of TunnelBear

  • With TunnelBear, you will stop getting annoyed of geographical restrictions, you can have access to all those US/UK – only websites.
  • TunnelBear is fast at switching the VPN on, compared to others.
  • If you’re in India and want to access Hulu, then select US and turn on TunnelBear.
  • TunnellBear initially gives you 500 MB of data per month, although you can get extra 1 GB every month by just tweeting about the app!
  • You can get unlimited data by paying 4.99$ per month.
  • The app also gives the data usage graph after the VPN is switched on.

Pros and Cons

Pros: Ad-free, fast connectivity and scalable data usage.

Cons: Users need to register in order to start using TunnelBear.

Get 1 GB extra data every month!

I know, 500 MB data per month is not sufficient for you. Don’t worry, you can get an extra 1 GB data by tweeting about TunnelBear. All you have to do is, click on 1 GB promo on the app footer and then a window pops up in which you need to enter your twitter username and you’re done. In a couple of minutes, the TunnelBear team will track your tweet and add the extra 1GB to your TunnelBear account (that’s why registration is needed 😉 ).

Compatibility: Windows XP or higher and Mac.

Try out TunnelBear and give the feedback through comments.

Link: TunnelBear