Some improvements in Google SMS channels

Google SMS channels logo Recently launched in labs, Google’s group messaging service – Google SMS Channels had many bugs and disadvantages as compared to other group SMS providers like SMSGupShup, Mytoday, Vakow, etc.. After getting a lot of comments and advice by its users, Google considered making some changes and improvements on their service, and I have listed some of ’em here:

  • The most disgusting & buggy thing in Google’s SMS channel was that, if you were new it, you had to send ‘ACCEPT’ message in addition to channel joining message. This problem is now being solved. Infact, its a good news for channel owners ‘cos your subscriber need not bother about sending 2 individual messages now. 🙂
  • When your friend accepts your invitation to join private channels, you will be notified about it via SMS.
  • Bug of unable to search for the channels created & subscribed by you has been fixed too.
  • Bug of unable to view too old posts has also been sorted out.
  • Channel owners can now customize whether their viewers will receive only headlines or full body contents. (Refer screenshot below).
  • More good channels added into "Editors pick" section.

SMS channels

Though these improvements are appreciated and are too good, still there are more options needed in Google’s SMS channels. Some of my personal advice to them are listed here:

  • As Mytoday provides for its mob users, an option to schedule messages and grant publishing rights to different people to publish new posts would really be great.
  • In addition to 10 digit mobile number, there’s a need for a short code like 567678, 575757, etc. By this, the channel owner can create a good impression about his/her channel.
  • Better user interface to send customized SMS to a channel. Integrating Google SMS channels with Gtalk would be a great option.
  • As advised by many other users, a private channel owner atleast should have the option to view his group subscribers.

These are the only points I pointed out. If you readers too have any suggestion for them then comment form is here for you. 🙂
May be some one from Google will drop in here and read out our suggestions. 😉

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Thanks Abhi for the tip. 🙂


Mridul December 2, 2008

For Subscribers Who have joined many channels might receive a warning on msg tht u have rcd the limit.. u can uplift the limit..just to the settings on labs.. where u can see change mob no n all.. theres a option like messages limit in 1 day edit it n make it to 9999..


Rahul Bansal December 2, 2008

Thanks for very nice update buddy! 🙂