South Carolina Considers Banning Social Media Behind Bars

Should prisoners be allowed to tweet, update their status messages or search their space ? One South Carolina state lawmaker says, absolutely not, and he is trying to make it punishable by law if they are caught using social media sites.

Inmates are accessing social networking sites from inside the prison using their smartphones which are smuggled inside the prison walls. Prisoners do not update their status or videos but some use it for threatening their victims through messages or stalking them.

The bill to stop social networking for prisoners would add 30 days to a prisoner’s sentence and require them to pay a $500 fine if they are caught posting on social networking sites. Well, I don’t understand why aren’t they trying to stop the illegal supply of smart phones inside the prison? If they do not get any phone they wont threat any one!

Let’s see if this bill passes and something is done! What is your view on this ? Share it with me here.

Published by Himadri Dimri

Editor - rtBlogs Network