Speed up your Gmail for Mobile Experience

In April, Google had introduced a new version of Gmail for iPhones and Android-based devices. Today, Google launched some improvements to speed up the Gmail for mobile experience.

Some recent improvements

  1. Faster address auto-completion: As you begin typing the first few letters of a name or email address, Gmail for mobile will display the possible contacts.
  2. Keyboard shortcuts enabled for Android-powered devices with a physical keyboard: You can use Gmail keyboard shortcuts to quickly move through your inbox.


Some Keyboard Shortcuts

To turn on or off, go to Settings, and pick an option next to Keyboard shortcuts.

Shortcut Key Definition
c Compose
/ Search
k Move to newer conversation
j Move to older conversation
n Next message
p Previous message
o or <Enter> Open
u Return to conversation list
e Archive
m Mute
x Select conversation
s Star a message or conversation
! Report spam
r Reply
a Reply all
f Forward
<Esc> Escape from input field
<Ctrl> + s Save draft
# Delete
l Label
v Move to
<Shift> + i Mark as read
<Shift> + u Mark as unread
[ Archive and previous
] Archive and next
z Undo
<Shift> + n Update current conversation
q Move cursor to chat search
y Remove from Current View*
. Show more actions
? Show keyboard shortcuts help

Gmail for mobile supports

  • iPhone/iPod Touch OS 2.2.1 or above
  • All Android-powered devices, and is available for US English only.

Give it a try and share your comments on what you think.

(Source & image credits: GoogleMobile)

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