MyDefrag – Free Tool to Increase Hard Disk Speed and Life

As pin-pointed quite correctly in an earlier post, one of the most important steps to keep your computer running fast for longer period of times is defragmentation. Windows comes with a built in defragmenter. And like many of the default accessories in it, the defragmenter is also a huge disappointment. So here is a faster and free defragmenter called MyDefrag.

India Broadband: Where do we stand on a Global Internet Map?

These days, we all are talking about Internet speed in India. I am sure that once in every gathering of minimum of 2 friends, they talk about it and discuss where are we (India) lacking, who is offering what speed and at what prices, etc. We talk, because we see some hope & scope of […]

50 MBPS Broadband Connection from Bharti Airtel

When ever we talk about broadband connection in India, the most common problem which we will face is broadband speed. The maximum speed which I have personally used from a home user perspective is 2 MBPS. Though Airtel speed on demand let me get 8 MBPS speed in the past but again paying 120rs/hour (2.5$) […]

5 Apps to Speed Up Copying in Windows

Using a pen-drive to share our photos and other media is a very common practice these days. However what frustrates me every-time I transfer the photos from my camera to my pen-drive is the speed of copying. In Windows XP, it was terrible, Seven is better but not yet up there. So here are five apps that will increase the speed of copying in your Windows system.

Speed up your Gmail for Mobile Experience

In April, Google had introduced a new version of Gmail for iPhones and Android-based devices. Today, Google launched some improvements to speed up the Gmail for mobile experience.

Some recent improvements:
1. Faster address auto-completion: As you begin typing the first few letters of a name or email address, Gmail for mobile will display the possible contacts.
2. Keyboard shortcuts enabled for Android-powered devices with a physical keyboard: You can use Gmail keyboard shortcuts to quickly move through your inbox.