Split Browser Screen for Comparing Mockups [Firefox Extension-Tile Tab]

I always find it difficult to compare mockups with my website, so I came across a Mozilla add-on which splits the browser in tile pattern. I used to compare the mockup with the original website is to toggle ALT + TAB. Then I found a better solution which can be used with Mozilla add-on called Tile Tabs. There are several ways of doing this but I found Tile Tabs the easiest to use.

How to go about it :

  • Install fire fox add-on “Tile Tabs”.
  • Open your .JPG (whatever the extension is .gif .png) file in browser window.
  • Right Click your mouse button to open the image with Firefox.


  • Now switch to your browser.
  • Go to file menu->Tile.
  • Tile Tab->Below->choose your tab (in which the image file is opened).


  • Press F9 (Shortcut key) to toggle screen and F8 to toggle synchronize scroll.
  • Now you can see in the below image how it works.


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Link: Tile Tabs

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