Start Link Exchange To Get Traffic On Your Website

HandsLink exchange is simply swapping of links among sites to get higher position in search results on search engines. Though it is not as powerful as in the past but it’s still very efficient way to form dominance of a website & boost its position in the search engine rankings. So if you have a website and want to have quick traffic link exchange is the perfect idea for you. Let us discuss what actual steps bring a successful link exchange drive.

Link exchange is based on two fundamental things: quality and relevance. You have to make a point that the sites you exchange links with are trustworthy & well established with the sources on the internet & are in the same status as your website or relevant in some manner. This gets us to the first phase of linking drive.

Keyword Research

To find related sites one should distinguish the keywords by which these sites can be discovered. Take in a universal list of keywords that you want direct in your search engine optimization drive & elaborate it with keywords of adjacent niches.

Searching for Partners to share link

Doing a search on yahoo & Google & other search engines is the plain way to effectively search possible link partners. Don just concentrate on the very first page of search results. It’s better to start off with the 2nd or 3rd page, since websites that are already at the lead are unlikely to be concerned about starting a link exchange.

Find the Best Link Sources

Now when you have made a list of related websites it is time for quality check. Search engines prefer to have more trust in .gov & .edu websites, hence back links from such domains are much effective. Consider having a link exchange only with those websites that are genuine and are not connected with dubious sites.

Set Up Links to Partners

Before starting to send requests for link exchange to webmasters it’s better to take the first step before the link exchange & link back to them from your own website.

Send Out Link Exchange Requests

Webmaster get Link exchange requests everyday as a lot of them are generated by link exchange bots, so in order to increase your chances to get a link back, just try to sound as personal & detailed as much possibly. Refer every person by their name and be polite.

Manage Your Link Exchange drive

Just getting a link to your website is not the final stage of the link exchange process. You need to assure that the links remains in place with the right description and address.

[Editor’s Note: This post is submitted by our guest blogger Sourish Nath. Sourish has done his BCA, and is now a part-time blogger. He has been webmastering several forums and websites for over a year and has now stepped into the world of blogging and writes for OneTrickADay. Sourish likes to write reviews on technology and cyber security, his field of expertise.

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Rahul July 23, 2009

I think link from authority is is better to set multiple blog to get your own authority links..

sourishnath July 24, 2009

If you put one form of internal navigation in parallel with another you are essentially telling search engines that both paths and both subset pages are of the same significance.MOreover sites hosted in the same place linking each other gets no benefit over PR while linking.Well its not me , i read it somewhere.

Rahul April 2, 2010

I also read those things but i also read somewhere that one shared hosting some times host hundreds of websites. So, if own many of them still no one can find, which websites is your and others too.
PR is just a prank. We only need to work for traffic.

Aditya Kane April 2, 2010

It is true Rahul, for sustained growth there is not short cut to hardwork towards traffic.