Most Popular Social Networks Worldwide

image1Recent reports suggest that Facebook has rapidly been gaining popularity, and has taken over MySpace to become the world’s most popular social network. Apparently, Facebook is visited by every third person out of ten people online across the world.

Here are some highlights from the report:

  • There have been huge increases in reach for Facebook (168% relative increase) and LinkedIn (137%).
  • Classmates Online has also seen strong 40 % growth
  • Orkut’s growth has stayed fairly consistent with 7 %
  • MySpace, however has seen a decline of -3% in terms of reach, although still ranks as the 2 most popular social network.

Social Network Global Unique Audience (millions) Active Reach (Dec 08) Active Reach (Dec  07)
Relative Change in Active Reach
1 Facebook 108.3 29.9% 11.1% 168%
2 MySpace 81.0 22.4% 23.0% -3%
3 Classmates Online 19.7 5.5% 3.9% 40%
4 Orkut 17.5 4.9% 4.6% 7%
5 LinkedIn 15.0 4.2% 1.8% 137%

The most popular social networks in countries where Facebook is a leader



The most popular social networks in countries where Facebook is NOT a leader



Difference between Facebook and MySpace – MUSIC!


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(Source: nielsen-online)


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