[Stats] 7.9 Registrations per second on Facebook in 2010

I came across this infographic chart this morning,so thought of sharing this with you all.

I came across this infographic chart this morning, so thought of sharing it with you all. Have a look at the image below.


According to this image, in 2010:

->There were 7.9 new registrations per 1 second on Facebook.

->Coca Cola had maximum number of fans on Facebook among products.

->26.2 M people followed Michael Jackson on Facebook.

Pretty nice numbers, what do you think ? Facebook is gaining popularity everyday. 7.9 registrations per second is a big thing.

Share your views with me.


Kalpalata Dimri February 3, 2011

Visit Facebook
Drink coca cola
Follow Michael jackson
Read HIMADRI DIMRI on fbknol

Himadri Dimri February 4, 2011

Ha ha ha funny..Well I hope I could mention all news and updates here, so that you dont need to go anywhere else to know about Facebook ! 🙂

Ankit Das February 4, 2011

I loved this one Himadri!! 🙂

Himadri Dimri February 4, 2011

Thank you Ankit you seem to love such ‘chart’ posts!!