Stop posts repeatedly showing up on Facebook feeds with Social Fixer [Browser]

Customize the layout of your Facebook account with Social Fixer a browser add-on that allows users to hide certain posts, boxes and also not show similar posts over and over again.

Facebook has tried to solve some long standing issues of being overwhelmed by feeds in a newly designed ‘News Feed’ layout. Though I have registered for it long ago, it has not been activated for me as yet.

One major issue with Facebook for me is coming across the same post over and over again. For instance a friends shares a photo today it shows up on my feed. Then when another common friends “Likes” or “Comments” on that photo, it shows up again on my feeds. I can choose to micro-manage every single friend’s news feed settings but that is tedious and more or less impossible if you have hundreds of friends.

Social Fixer is a cool browser extension that eliminates the same post from showing up over and over again. More importantly, it also provides several other useful features.


Social Fixer Features

  • Social Fixer actually works without the need of sharing your username or password. It basically fixes your feeds and the layout. The most important feature for me personally was “Mark All Read” option showing up on my timeline. This way my News Feed was clean and posts were not repeated (image above).
  • There are several options like hiding certain boxes, ads, even sponsored posts from your news feeds.
  • The browser extension allows various different Facebook themes but I did not really find any more useful than the default one.
  • Another great feature was how images from a feed could be previewed. These were not just from uploaded photos but also images from a link shared in your news feed (see below).

SocialFixer_Image Preview

  • It also has a small box which shows the friends who have unfriended you.
  • Last but not the least, Social Fixer is supported on all major browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari. It does not support Internet Explorer.

I felt that Facebook could learn a few things regarding social fixer. Unfortunately Social Fixer works only on your PC browser and not with your phone apps. This is because, SocialFixer only fixes the layout, customizing what you can hide and display while browsing through Facebook.

Still in my opinion a must have browser add-on if you are surfing through Facebook on your PC browser.

Do try it out and drop in your comments.

Link: Social Fixer

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Beeingsocial April 25, 2013

Have not yet used it , but surely worth a try !