Stop getting useless notifications from a post on Facebook [How-to]

The latest trend on Facebook these days is to tag friends on a picture in order to get more likes and comments. Tagging friends on a picture is the best way to share it with large number of people on Facebook but most of the times it annoys users mainly because of the comment notifications they start getting after the tag.

Well not just the post, you will start getting notifications even if you comment of someone’s status, picture or any post. Let’s see how you can stop such notifications.

How to stop getting useless notifications?

  1. Open the picture or post you’re tagged in or any other post where you’ve posted a comment.
  2. On that post, there will be a link ‘Unfollow Post’ given with the ‘Like’ and ‘Comment’ links, click on that. This ‘Unfollow Post’ link will be there only if you are getting notifications from that post, else it will not appear. Check the screenshot below:

Once you click the ‘Unfollow Post’ link, you will be unsubscribed from that post and Facebook will not send any notification to you related to that post. Same thing can be done for tagged pictures as well. You will still be tagged but you will not get any notification. If you want to get notifications again; click on ‘Follow Post’. This link will appear when you click on ‘Unfollow Post’.

So next time there’s no need to remove a tag, you just have to click a link that’s it. 🙂