Sync Firefox addons across multiple PCs

Shuttling between work and home can be like juggling through different time zones!! Though I use the same browser, which is Firefox- both seem like they are in two different worlds because my add-ons are completely different. I get used to one and have a problem with the other. I guess this was the same problem the developers of Siphon faced when they decided to come up with a Firefox add-on sychronizer.

Siphon syncs your Firefox add-ons across different computers. Apart from add-ons, it also manages your saved passwords across these computers.

Using Siphon:

  • Download Siphon from here.
  • You will be asked to create an account, following which it will load your Firefox add-ons.

  • Login with your new account, and Siphon should load all your Firefox add-ons. Install it to the other computers on which you use Firefox. Click ‘Synchronize’.
  • I could choose to have certain add-on not be synchronized.
  • My passwords could be saved across multiple Firefox browsers that I use. It is better to not save passwords when you are using a public computer.

Siphon, created by Ian Halpern, is a useful add-on. Its more like an add-on for add-ons. It’s still in the beta phase so we can expect improvements such as switching between user profiles, syncing themes, etc.

Have you tried this add-on? Don’t forget to drop in your comments below.

Link: Siphon