The top 10 all-time great Google Doodles

Ever thought how many colors does the regular Google logo have? Did you know that when the traditional logo encapsulates the 3 primary colors Blue, Red, Yellow-Β  ‘Green’ came in as Google did not want to merely ‘follow’ rules. This list is all about the best Google doodles we have seen in the past decade. So which one of those make it to my top 10?

I must admit that this has “NOT” been an easy task. I had more than plenty to choose from.

#1. Burning Man (1998): Google’s first ever holiday doodle. This one may not be artistically the best, but its the first time Google added a little something to its logo. Burning Man is a popular American event celebrated as a symbol of ‘self expression’ – used and understood aptly by Google.

#2. Teacher’s Day (2005): In honor of the US Teacher’s Day, Google designed a quirky logo. The reason its on my list is because it cleverly sticks to the color theme of the original logo as well as merges it well to the classroom environment.

#3. Louis Braille’s Birthday (2006): Google nailed it with the logo written in the Braille system honoring the birthday of the Frenchman who invented the Braille system for the blind. It smartly retains the trademark colors.

#4. Earth Day (2007): When it came to Earth Day specific logos, I had way too many to choose from. This one stood out as a clear winner. The courage to break away from its traditional colors and speak up against global warming, made an impact with all its users.

#5. LEGO’s Anniversary (2008): Next on the list is the logo celebrating the 50th anniversary of LEGO Bricks, the popular toys used to build structures and now the Google logo. πŸ˜› I like it because its simple and smart.

#6. USA Election Day (2008): Next on my list is the Election Day (November 4) doodle encouraging citizens to vote. Obama should thank Googlers for finally budging from their computers to the voting booth just like the alphabets of ‘Google’ did.

#7. Radio Day (2009): Google’s doodle honoring Alexander Popov, inventor of the radio, is among my favorites. The logo is reminiscent of the first radio ever created. What stuck with me though is how the wire slyly forms the lower part of the letter ‘g’.

#8. Bar Code (2009): October 7, 2009 saw the Google Bar Code logo in honor of the invention of the Bar Code. It sure takes courage to deviate from one’s own logo to such an extent. Google seemed to carry this one-off with ease. Wonder what the price would translate if one really put a bar code on this multi-billion dollar enterprise.

#9. Pac-Man Anniversary (2010): Earlier this year, Google took us all back to our childhood when with a Pac-Man themed logo. When I first saw the logo, I liked it. Then I realized one could actually play the game. That’s when I loved it. I think I forgot what I was even trying to search for. πŸ˜›

#10. Indian Independence Day (2010): Recently Google honored India’s 63rd Independence Day with an animated logo. The ‘o’ starts out as a traditional Indian artwork – ‘Rangoli’ and ends with the colors of the Indian Flag. Google has done some brilliant doodles for USA, France and many more. However I had to narrow down this list, so took the ones that stood out the most.

So those are my top ten picks of the Google doodles. The colorful ‘Google Search’ icon has become a part of our life. The one major reason Google is so amazing with its logos must be because you easily spell the word ‘LOGO’ using the letters of ‘Google’. πŸ˜›

If you want to view all the Google holiday doodles, check them out at the Google doodle gallery here. Which ones are your favorites? Let me know your views. Drop behind your comments below.

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