“Tag Friends in Your Status and Posts” is not for tagging friends only

Recent Facebook launched a very nice feature of “Tag Friends in Your Status and Posts” on which you read an article by our Editor-  Aditya Kane on Devils Workshop. This post is just to clarify it further. The official blog of Facebook clearly says that “Tag Friends in Your Status and Posts”, but the reality is that you can tag anything in your status and posts like friend’s profile, groups that you have joined and even pages of which you are a fan.
fbnol1 - Copy

To tag a friend, page or group, just use @ symbol before you start typing the name that you want to tag. To know more about it read this post on Devils Workshop.

Facebook tagging is a nice and important feature cuz it gives the information about the exact person, page or group about which we are talking or writing something about it. So next time don’t forget to tag the person or anything in your status. 🙂