How WordPress changed my blogging career?

If you are a regular reader of Devils Workshop, then you must be aware of the post written by Rahul on how to migrate a blog from Blogger to Wordpress without losing Google juice. It was my symposiumz blog that I used for writing the post.

If anyone had asked me what was the best decision that you made in your blogging career, then I would definitely say choosing “Wordpress”!

Can we place Google Ads with other ads on the same page?

Google AdSense is the best source for publishers to earn money from their website/blog. But most of the new publishers have one doubt that whether they can place other ads on the same page along with Google ads or not. I have seen many users discussing on this topic on different forums. So I searched […]

Make $952 from Google AdSense in just 3 steps!

If you don’t believe me just check out the screen shot below. 😛 Shocked? Obviously you must have been. I started my blogging career an year ago and I got my first AdSense check only 3 months back.  Before that, I used to check my balance everyday and what I got was a dollar or […]

Google Showing AdSense Ads in Image Search Results Permanently!

Sometime back I came across few stories suggesting Google displaying AdSense ads in their popular image search results. Many bloggers captured screenshots of AdSense ads being served in Google Image search results last year. Even I saw AdSense ads sometimes back but today almost every image search I made displayed AdSense ads. Another thing I […]

How to Make More Readers and Money This Holiday Season

In my recent posts, I wrote how Orkut (Google’s social network) and Kontera (in-text advertising network) are planning to cash out coming holiday season! If planned well you can also squeeze some juice for your blogs/websites. 🙂 From my more than 2 years experience of blogging, I know few things about these holiday seasons which […]

Enable Google AdSense-Analytics Integration

Google Adsense-Analytics integration is creating a lot of buzz and almost every blogger/publisher waiting for this integration to arrive on their AdSense account. Yes, Google is offering this integration option on-demand so first thing you have to do is fill-up this small form. Once you submit it, integration link will appear in your account as […]

5 Best Blogspot Blogger Hacks Everyone Should Use!

Well I started blogging around three month ago using blogger and it turned out to be quite interesting experience. In my view, the best way to improve your blog is to see what other are doing? So I started observing some very nicely formatted blogs and noticed what kind of hacks and modification they use […]

Google Ads for terrorism spotted on Mumbai attack stories

Before saying anything, I will just ask you to have a look on the image below. Only with a single glimpse on this image you will understand, how random and automated ads can be harmful at times. The Google ad on the image reads: "Terrorism: Pursue a certificate in terrorism 100% online. Enroll today." The […]