Monday Morning Blues [23rd Nov 09]

This week I am back with ‘Monday Morning Blues’ series of posts. A lot of things have happened in the last 2 weeks and the major change at Devils Workshop is that our contest ‘Blogger of the Month’ has now become ‘Blogger$ of the Month’. Blogger$ of the Month We will have three winners instead of […]

Friend Connect: How it can micro-target adsense?

Friend Connect is quite a potent way for website owners and bloggers to become micro-sensitive to visitors. There are many new changes with this service and it allows for a greater amount of information to be shared in the form of interests and hence allowing visitors to find relevant people and websites online.

How will Friend Connect help?

Friend Connect will allow visitors on a website to share information through member gadgets and can have relevant ads from Google Adsense using information taken with the various interactive web gadgets.

List of 100% adsense Revenue Sharing sites

DW is an adsense revenue sharing site and such websites allow you to generate revenue through Adsense from the posts you contribute.These sites have high rankings and Google is calculating CPC based on the smart pricing method, where the statics of the page (where you got the click) is very important in determining the value […]

Checking Adsense Revenue without Logging into Adsense Site [How-to]

There are chances that you log-in to your adsense dashboard each morning to check your revenue reports, etc. So, here in this post I am going to mention various ways using which you can check your Adsense revenue reports without logging into the adsense dashboard periodically. Firefox Add-on for Checking Adsense Revenue You can either […]

Join Google Adsense Official Community On Orkut

If you are Google Adsense publisher then you must join the official Orkut forum, exclusively for Indian publishers. This community is managed by AdSense professionals working out of the Google office in Hyderabad, India. Here you can sort out problems of other publishers and if you need any help, Adsense professionals are always there to […]

How To Show Ad Based on Author in a BlogSpot Blog

Over here at Devil’s Workshop, Rahul bro has implemented a cool revenue sharing program, wherein the advertisement that appears on the post belongs to the author itself. For eg. in this post the ad that is displayed below the post title is my ad. Any revenue generated by clicks on the above ad, is paid to my adsense account. But the thing is that with plugins like Advertising Manager, this method is easy to implement in Wordpress.On blogger its a little more extra code. See how you can implement it in Google’s BlogSpot

Google Adsense For Mobile Application

Google has unveiled the beta version of its Adsense for Mobile Application advertising campaign for mobile applications on Apple’s iPhone and Android phones. This is the partner program for mobile application developer which allows to integrate Adsense networks ads into their mobile application. The advertisers bid for placement of their ads on developer’s application.

This is a very good news for both mobile application developers and the advertisers. Mobile application developers can make some extra income from Google ad integration and advertisers can get more targeting customer’s when they are engaged with the application.

Blogger Dashboard Begins to Show Adsense Ads

Blogger, the free blogging service from Google, has begun to show adsense based ads, in place of Blogger internal ads (look at the screenshot for details) at the ‘Your blog post published successfully!’ page. The adsense ads aren’t implemented on a permanent basis for now, hence you may not see the ads still.

Orkut Moved Adsense Ads Above The Fold!

A bad update for all Orkut users! Orkut started showing adsense ads above the fold now. This is at the place where you used to see “my friends”. They have shifted “my friends” section below. Orkut was showing adsense ads from last few month but earlier they were below “my friends” block. If you find […]