Pay-Per-Visit Programs over Pay-Per-Click

clicksor_logoSorry for writing after a long gap, but actually I was busy with my website. I am writing this post to share my experience of pay per visit (PPV) and pay per click (PPC) ads google-adsense-logoprogram as I am using both of them in my site.

The PPV ads that I am using is from Clicksor, which are basically  popunders. The company clicksor pays $0.01 per pop under, that means you get one cent whenever a person visits your website but company takes 40% of you income that means if 10 people visit your blog, you will earn 6 cents and the other 4 cents will go to clicksor. The one cent here is just the starting ad money and you may earn more per visit which depends upon the ads. The other one is the Pay Per Click(PPC) and the most popular PPC is Google adsense and you all must be familiar of that. High pay out and relevant ads are some features of the adsense.

Below is the list of advantages and disadvantages – PPV over PPC – that will answer all your doubts:


  • Guaranteed earning irrespective of the clicks.
  • No chance of account suspension due to fake clicks.
  • Relevant ads.
  • No diversion of traffic as the ad opens in a new window.
  • Compatible with all the other ad programs like adsense, adbrite.


  • Most of the pop under gets blocked by the popup blockers.
  • The pop unders can be used for spreading viruses which will decrease your site’s reputation.
  • Pop under generally irritates the visitor.
  • Explicit content could be there.
  • Same ads for long period of time.

You may share your experience in comments that will help us better to compare both of them.

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Harsh Agrawal April 22, 2009

What I feel… Infolinks is much better than clicksor . Infact if you compare the earning between infolinks and clicksor, you can see a big difference.

With clicksor I used to earn maximum on 15-20$ /month. With infolinks it goes between 70-100$/month.

sauravjit April 22, 2009

@Harsh Agrawal

infolinks is a in text advertising and here we are talking about the popunder ads of clicksor.So we cant compare both of them.

But ur right the in text advertising of infolinks is much better than that of clicksor in terms of earning as well as the relevancy of ads.

Harsh Agrawal April 22, 2009

@ Sauravjit
OH my mistake here, I consider it to be text-link advertisement.

Jim November 24, 2011

Hi, I am Using shineads ads from last 3 months and i m getting pretty good earning. If we compare shineads with other ads like Clicksor / infinityads / adsnetwork then i m surprized that shineads given me best results.
Shineads is Best for Entertainment website and they pays highest earning for it.
They gives a ad code of Image through which visitors click on it and our traffic goes to their ads.
Their ads are SEO friendly…….
Also I have revceved my Payouts…. So dear, dont worry about shineads , you can use it.

Moni May 22, 2012

thank you for xplanation. i m using clicksor from yesterday. i hope it will work fine for Indian trafic