Blogger + Adsense Hack: Show ads after each post to earn more from your blogger beta blog!

Update: Blogger allows this officially now. Check this guide for easier instructions. This trick surprisingly increased my earnings 4 times from last few days! I have modified my blog code to put adsense ads between post title and post body! Well this kind of ad placement will surely result in higher payout! But I’m demonstrating […]

Earning more with AdSense product referrals without viloating TOS

This is for all who are earning from Google Adsense. As you might have noticed, Adsense product referrals can not be hyperlinked statically as they get loaded by javascript code which are added to site. Consider this, you write a post about firefox where you can not hyperlink firefox with link to adsense firefox referral […]

Google’s Cricket fever: Contest, Live Scores, Images, Videos, News & More

Contest For bloggers: As its Cricket’s World-Cup 2007 time, People are suffering from cricket-fever all over the Indian subcontinent as well as other cricket playing nations! To cash the event, Google had started contest for all bloggers who is cricket addict! So if you have a blog dedicated for cricket, then get paid for your […]

Now its Earning with Google…. ( Adsense :-)

Sorry to post something non-technical… But this is to share joy of my first earning as well as to prove authentication of devils workshop’s contents! Few months before I have written about Google AdSense in my post- Wanna Earn Some Money without Spamming! Here comes snap of my first cheque which I had received from […]

Wanna Earn Some Money without Spamming!

Now-a-days I am getting lots of spam with title saying some stupid way to earn money. Observing intensity of this spam I felt like going into depth to discover real opportunities! I did not find many but till then would like to share with you the ways through which I am earning money online. Of […]