Blogger + Adsense Hack: Show ads after each post to earn more from your blogger beta blog!

Update: Blogger allows this officially now. Check this guide for easier instructions.

This trick surprisingly increased my earnings 4 times from last few days! I have modified my blog code to put adsense ads between post title and post body!
Well this kind of ad placement will surely result in higher payout! But I’m demonstrating how to do that for blogger beta only! You can apply similar hack for other blogging platform! Google for help… πŸ˜‰

#Steps for placing ads in every post!
1. Log in to your blogger beta account!
2. From your dashboard, click on “Layout”
3. Next click “Edit HTML”
4. Now CheckExpand Widget Templates” (by default it is unchecked)
5. Now search for post.body in codes. (Better use your browsers built-in search feature)
6. By default it should appear in your layout code only for once and you should reach the line…



  1. Now if you want to put your adsense codes between post title and post body paste it above the line you found in step 6 or below the line to show ads after posts!
  2. Wait its not over yet! You have to modify adsense codes a little-bit. But don’t worry about the TOS as this modification will not be visible after template gets saved. (In-fact I’m doing this only)
  3. Your Google Adsense Codes will have following lines!

<script> type=’text/javascript’><!–

just replace highlighted < with &lt; and > with &gt;
If you have any doubt about this please read note at the end!
10. Its time to hit preview button! πŸ™‚


#Tips: Using Blend template for Adsense!
From day one, I have been using Blend template for Google Adsense. But in above hack you must use that! I feel so because your ads will appear in every post and end-user experience may degrade if your color scheme is annoying!

#Note: How modification to the Adsense code is not against its TOS?
First you can open your blog and cross-check its source code using browsers “view source” option to see Adsense Codes back to what you have got!
Now if you know about HTML then in HTML language, we just used HTML Character Entities.
What gets stored in blogger database is actual code!
So don’t worry be happy & rich πŸ˜‰

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112 replies on “Blogger + Adsense Hack: Show ads after each post to earn more from your blogger beta blog!”

  1. @Abhishek
    thanks for givin it try!
    Do check out ur earnings at the month! Specially eCPM field on report page! It shoud have been doubled by the end of month! πŸ˜‰

    1. hi i started a blog about 2 weeks ago but ive been helping other people set theirs up as well resulting in us genarating our own cliks but i set up 3 of them from a ecafe and one of them uses that every day to do his round of cliks we were going through facebook and sharing our blogs there unfortunatly google have terminated my adsense due to invalid clicks and say that i can look for a review and explain myself they might reinstate my adsense account .if i told them i was trying to do a private class on adsense and they must of got carried away with the clicking .im using chitika now but i am serious about this now i want to learn more i know how to create traffic through blogs but i want genuine traffic not friends cliking for me so any advice would be grat thanks

  2. hi

    great work !!!

    even i am first time see the html code but i used witout hassle.
    now my blog is looking like king with crown.

    hope you should always come with new stuff

  3. @Anonymous[sohal]
    The andreas02 template you are using is based on old blogger!
    Anyway this should work… (although not tested)
    1. Find following codes in template! (Hint: Search for BlogItemBody)


    2. If you want to show ads above (each) post
    Put ads after <p> and before <$BlogItemBody$>
    you can put it after <$BlogItemBody$> to show ads at the end of post!

    On a personal note, I suggest you to migrate to new blogger as it has cool editing feature!

  4. Hi this is sohail,

    Thankyou for ur gr8 suggestion to migrate for new blogger. I hv switched to new blogger now.

  5. @Sohail
    First sorry for late reply.
    If you have carefully followed all above steps then trust me it should have worked for you.
    Anyway first thing give me your blogs URL so that I can diagnose it early!
    If its private blog then let me know atleast how many ad unit you have placed on your blog! Because you can put totally 3 link unit on a page at the max!
    Still have a probelm. Well try to give me as much details as possible! πŸ™‚

  6. am new to adsense….can u tell me hw to make my ads visible at the right side and on left side of the site to make more attractive…and how to align the ads?

    am ezhil

    1. @ezhil
      It wud have been better if u have posted URL of ur blog! Anyway first let me know which blogging platform u r using i.e. wordpress / blogger / etc.. πŸ™‚

    1. Yours is blogspot blog and I guess you are using classic Template and not Layout!

      Anyway try following:
      1. Log into Blogger.
      2. From Dashboard, Click on Template link
      3. From there you will get a link to Adsense!

      1. When u will click on Adsense blogger may u fro adsense login info if u r doing this first time!
      2. If u dont have adsense account u will get a sign-up link from there! Alternaticely u can signup for adsense from here too!

  7. THANK YOU!! I must have tried 5 different tutorials trying to put adsense at the end of my posts, and this is the first one that worked!!

  8. Thank you for the excellent tip, Rahul!! I have followed all of the above steps (using blogger with google account) and I get to see the adsense ads only after the first two posts? and idea what I can do. Thank you.

    1. Yep. I have checked out! You are displaying ads before the posts, so after second post third ads get displayed!

      Google has maximum three ad-unit limit on any page! So don’t get panic, its working fine on your blog! πŸ™‚

      Just checkout difference between Page CTR n Page eCPM after a week! πŸ˜‰

  9. Pingback: Justin
    1. Angel I have checked your site and there is very less text so adsense text-ad unit may not work optimally!
      So try using image ad units!

      If you can notice on this page I have put one image ad unit near title.
      The Reason: the title area is near the beginning of page so adsense could not gather enough text to show 3-4 links in text-ad unit! So I put image ad-unit there and its performing well!

      If u still have question (or this is not right answer) please feel free to write back with as much details as possible! πŸ™‚

      1. thanx

        now its working πŸ™‚

        If my accnt has been disabled becoz it was linked to some previosu acnt
        and now i my frnd has made an acnt on adsense
        and i am also using it with him so that we can share equal revenue …
        and i many times open the acnt to chck the earnings

        is this against the rules/??? will my frnds acnt also get banned if i open it coz mine was banned 1 week before???

        1. @Angel,
          Checking earnings many times is surely not against rules but you might have violated any other adsense program policy!

          In that case Google will surely find your new account and will ban your (friends) account too! πŸ™

          Also if you want to say yourself from Googles wrath never go for programs like pay per post!

  10. No this time i am not violating anything

    i am just chking my frnds acnt frequently…

    so will they ban his acnt saying tht it is linked with me???

    nothing else i am doing just opening his acnt and placing his ads on our sites …

    1. @Angel,
      No checking is not against adsense policy but there might have been some violation knowingly or unknowingly!
      In either case if Google has marked your site as black-listed internally then your friends account may face ban (but chances are rare)!

    1. @Angel,
      I am not sure about Pay Per Post but its evil program!
      So I guess you may found yourself in trouble with Google Search! That may affect your traffic!
      And once you loose traffic, there is no use of any ad program! πŸ™
      So on personal note, keep your hands clean and wait! Patience pays more! πŸ™‚

    1. @Apol
      First Sorry for late reply as I went offline for a 5-days vacations! πŸ™

      I just checked your blog and saw Google Adsense Ads so I hope everything is working fine now.

      If you still have any problem, feel free to contact!

      -Rahul πŸ™‚

  11. Hi..have a look at my suggest how I can interlink posts..cause there is a lot of content which is lying in the archive..

  12. hello Rahul thanks for giving us this grt trick. But I have a problem in using this trick. I am using 2 ads on the side bar and 1 below 1st post but all the same space remains in all the post of the page.
    This empty space below every post looks quite pathetic. So please advice how to remove this empty space from my blog-

    1. @Deepak
      You have two ad units in left sidebar + 1 ad unit above post!
      I can see all three and thats max you are allowed to show.
      So if you want another ad unit below the post you have to remove at least on one ad unit from sidebar.
      At the max you have only three ad-unit!

  13. Hi Rahul thanks fr ur early reply.
    But I wanted to know how to remove the blank space dat is showing frm 2nd post onwards.
    I want 2 ads on de sidebar and 1 below the 1st article’s title. But the same amout of blank space in present in all the subsequent posts.
    So please let me know how to remove the blank space from 2nd article onwards.

    Deepak Jain

    1. @Deepak
      First other comments got deleted as they have same question.
      Now about white space… We can’t do much. In Google Adsense, when generating code they ask what to do when ads are not available. You can try playing with alternative ads settings. I never used it so I don’t know much about it!

  14. Again thanking u fr ur reply..
    ‘cos of those empty spaces my blog looks odd so pls advice me how and where to use ads to fetch max. revenue which would nt distract my visitors.

    1. @Deepak
      Use only one ad unit above post or as banner.
      On homepage u can put small banner ad so even if it remains empty it wont get noticed.
      This is all I am doing myself! πŸ™‚

  15. 1 more thing… I would like you to add information about the new option in Gmail “Remain Idle” that is available only on IE version above 6.00 and Firefox

  16. I tried this ! Thanks !

    Only problem , I find in Step-9 . You said “just replace highlighted < with with >” !

    What does it mean ?? to replace < with < ??

  17. @Ravi
    oops sorry…
    I posted this on blogger and as now I am on wordpress it got reformatted automatically.
    Anyway I have corrected above post so it will work now. πŸ™‚

  18. hii rahul really great hack very useful i have using this techinque of ad placement in my WP blogs but did not know how to do in blogger thanks for the help…

    I still have one doubt can u clear it plz, I display 5 post on home page and i want the adsense to be displyed only once on the first post between it’s title and post content any idea how this can be done in blogger ??
    hit me back with watever ideas you have about this..

  19. well i actually saw a blog with such an tweak ..check it out if it
    helps you in figuring how to make this hack and lemme know if u do
    figure out.

    A few more question..

    1.) how to use “Read more” or “read the full story” options for posts
    in home page??

    2.) how to display ads only on post permalink page.. i.e If i want ads
    to be showed on in posts when the post url page is opened or viewed
    but not when they are on home page..
    ( i plan to use this in tandem with ” read more” hack so that people
    will have to read the full stroy and ads will be displayed in the
    posts then only )

    If can be of any help please let me know ASAP…

    thanks in advance, rahul..

  20. hello,iam in great trouble,i have made a forum from a free service and its url i dont know how to paste gogole ads there.plz help me,i have no info about this phpbb.plz i am waitng for ur reply ..if possible plz

  21. Hi Rahul. I’ve already added adsense into my blog posts. However, since adsense limits us to have 3 spots only in our blog, there’s a blank space after the 3rd post. is it possible to limit the adsense to the first two posts only so i could display more posts on my page?

  22. Can you tell me that why adsense has rejected by blog . i had tried two times, one at and secondly at .

    In both cases my account has achieved more than 150 dollars. In the last at fastworking it was 270 dollars

    But google adsense has refuse my payment with the remarks that my blog can harm their advertiser etc.

  23. I’m testing it out and it looks like its working great. Thank you sooooo much for the info on how to do this mod to my blog. Your the best =)

  24. hi Rahul,

    I applied for adsense. I got a mail from Google that *Your site must have been active for at least 6 months before you apply
    for AdSense.

    please suggest

    1. @Bhavik
      You must apply after 6 months then!
      Or use another site in application like a friend’s site which is 6 month older.

  25. it’s nice and cool i am having problem.i can not make it perfect with the post description seems to blending with the gap between them…pls help..


  26. i had availed adsense on two blog, 1) 2) , adsense on both blog has been rejected with remarks that your blog can harm our publishers. Can anyone tell me , what is wrong on my blog and what should i do further to get adesnse now.

    1. @Rajiv
      I don’t have any idea but please use forum in future for all such queries.

  27. Hello friend i not getting ad in my post. i try so many time.
    i paste my adsense code to and
    but i cant get any ad on my website. so please give me suggestion regarding my problem

  28. Hi!Thanks for these wonderful tips.I enabled Adsense after each post in blog and it was doing just fine(I did it not my altering my HTML code since I don’t know where I can find the Adsense Code :D,so I just did it from my layout page).Anyhow,today I tried to change my template and added one from Pyzam and all ads vanished,so I reverted to my older template(which can be seen on my blog now).However,even after reverting,ads aren’t showing up between my posts,if I add them in my side bar or at the bottom,there is no problem.Also,when I tried to edit/add them from my layout page it showed they are active.:o
    I am really puzzled!!Shall I just wait or could it be that I am missing out on something? πŸ™
    Please help.

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  30. Rahul, Hi. This might not be the right spot to ask,but here goes anyway. I’m a new blogger, almost no traffic and my ad sense was banned for some unknown reason (honestly not doing anyting fraudulent). My problem is, there is a space where an ad used to be and I can’t figure out how to remove it! (below my post) Asked in google forum and no reply. Please help!

  31. really, you are not good, you are excellent. Before your tip, i have tried to set so many time, but fail to add adsense code before text.

    After reading your tip regarding replacement of > & < , it is easy to install.

    I once again thank you for this setting.

  32. Here is a easy way to replace with >

    first create an adsense ad and then visit centricle website – to encode. In centricle web page , you need to paste your adsense code in the text area and then click ” Encode β€œ. Copy the encoded code. Now your adsense code is ready to be added to blogger template.


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  34. Hi Rahul,
    I don’t have Adsense account, but i want to place my other ads just below of READ MORE tag ( This way peoples can hit my ads by mistake ). please see my blog and give me some suggestion.

    1. @Vikas
      I cannot help much as I don’t use Blogspot anymore but u can hack template to get it done.
      By the way, it may violate Google AdSense ToS.

  35. Hey! thanks for help just got my adsense approved and wondering how to set it up. I got nice ideas from your post as well as your blog.

  36. A very good and clear piece of information, I must say. It solved a big problem that Google’s own gadget was not solving.

  37. hi rahul……….this is sri …..plz visit my blog …and after tel me where put the adsence…….and how to increment the visitors…

  38. Hi Rahul Bansal,

    I have trying to approval for google ads for my blog… I got the reply as
    Hello Sridar,

    Thank you for your interest in Google AdSense. Unfortunately, after
    reviewing your application, we’re unable to accept you into Google
    AdSense at this time.

    We did not approve your application for the reasons listed below.


    – Unacceptable site content

    Give me a advise ASAP.


  39. Thanks for the post. as a new blogger i found it very helpful. But which position is better for adsense? before or after post?

  40. hi… thanks for this one great tutorial. i have some clarifications, i had implemented the code above and its working perfectly well for me. But is it possible if i place adsense code AFTER POST TITLE AND END OF POST???

    have a take a look in my blog
    i want the other adsense shown before post comments or even above the linkwithin…

    please reply asap… thanks

  41. help me out, l use it on my blog but didnt show the ads. l want it to show inside after opening any post not outside the post.

  42. Can you Please Tell that how to show the adsence below only the first post in the Blogger. I did that and it Works But other ads Stop showing because Its showing in all the post so its Against the TOS. Tell me How to show that Only Under The First post.THnx..!

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