Earning more with AdSense product referrals without viloating TOS

This is for all who are earning from Google Adsense.

As you might have noticed, Adsense product referrals can not be hyperlinked statically as they get loaded by javascript code which are added to site.

Consider this, you write a post about firefox where you can not hyperlink firefox with link to adsense firefox referral directly. But you do have a adsense button to download firefox in your blogs sidebar. Chances are it will not get noticed. Also a phrase like “download firefox” must point to the download link in tutorial but if you give direct link to Mozilla site you will loose the bucks!

Now to solve this dilemma, the trick is to use HTML named anchor. You can hyperlink all keywords which can be monetized using Adsense referral without violating Google Adsense’ terms of service!

As an example lets start with Firefox again. Very often we ask people to download firefox for some reason while writing about an extension or some functionality which other browsers can not provide! Anyway the following tutorial similarly applies to other Google products viz Google Pack, Google Adsense & Google Adwords!

It is assumed that every page of your site has some common area and you will be placing Google Ads there only! e.g. Sidebar in blogs.

1. Just add following one-line before firefox codes provided by Google Adsense

<a name=”FIREFOX”></a>

  1. Now whenever you want to hyperlink word you can do something like this

<a href=”#FIREFOX”>firefox</a>

Thats it! Now whenever someone click on these kinda links they will get redirected to the part of page where product referral link/button (in this case button to download firefox) is placed!

Note that this redirection will go unnoticed as at the max clicking will scroll up/down a page little. Nonew page will get loaded… 😉

Update: Rupesh posted about javascript code which can save you from manually editing all your posts to hyperlink keywords. Details are here… 🙂

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Skoar July 15, 2007


but i am running a forum phpbb…can u detail me on this situatuion??

how can i use ur idea in phpbb scenario..

any idea..please do post
thnks …

Rahul Bansal July 22, 2007

I am familiar with phpBB codes but that will swamp an entire post!
Will write it soon!
Sorry to keep you waiting… 🙁

Rupesh November 20, 2007

Hi Rahul,
I had a similar thought. I am also using named anchor tags to draw attention to referral ads, but have automated the task with a script. Also, there is bug in mannual hyperlinks. Just click your hyperlinks within posts & you’ll understand.
Full details are here.
Please let me know what you think.

Rahul Bansal November 27, 2007

Seems Nice!
But javascript seems bigger!
It may slow down browser…
Also search engine & most of other spiders have javascript disabled!
So i guess manual work is better. In fact there is very little work to do! 😉

Rupesh November 27, 2007

Yes, the javascript is a bit lengthy. But the purpose is solved automatically. Also there is a plus point that if there is no javascript enabled then obviously both the links and the ads will not be displayed. But in manual hyperlinking the links will be shown regardless of page showing ads or not.

Also, in manual linking there is chance of mis-linking like what you have done. check your hyperlinks. They say http://www2.blogger.com/post-edit.g?blogID=24758983&postID=1376678459930001893#ADSENSE so, even when someone click on it.. it takes you to Blogger login screen & even if he/she logs in… it is your post page to edit.. so is not reached there.

Trick here is while manual linking, go to edit mode, insert html links tags and post them directly without switching to compose mode or seeing preview.

I hope I am clear to you.

Rahul Bansal November 28, 2007

The link above you are talking about is something used to happen on my blogspot days!
Now I am on wordpress so nothing like that happens here! 🙂

Taran July 2, 2008

hey Devil,
Bad news for your article..
google is shutting down Product referrals by the end of August.
They hav already intimated all users…
find another way..

Rahul Bansal July 3, 2008

I am aware of it… I posted about it already buddy. 🙂
Check this for details.

Harsh Agrawal March 27, 2009

Lol Imagine if Google will roll out…Adsense referal program again 😉

srikumar December 28, 2009

Hi Rahul….While posting in Blogger thera are gaps after posts(refer http://coolguy-technology.blogspot.com/)…hence the posts looks ugly…
can u find a solution to it?
plz help
Thanks in advance