Google’s Cricket fever: Contest, Live Scores, Images, Videos, News & More

Contest For bloggers: As its Cricket’s World-Cup 2007 time, People are suffering from cricket-fever all over the Indian subcontinent as well as other cricket playing nations! To cash the event, Google had started contest for all bloggers who is cricket addict!
So if you have a blog dedicated for cricket, then get paid for your addiction by winning contest started by Google!

Click here to participate in How to get crowned India’s undisputed cricket blog king” contest.

If you are first time blogger then its less likely that you will win the contest still, you can get paid by displaying ads on ur blog using adsense! (Read more…)

(Note: This contest open for only Blogger blogger, i.e. for blogs hosted on Google’s blogspot domain.)

Google Gadgest for ALL Cricket Addicts:
Well if you are not a blogger still Google has something for you. You can try Google Gadgets to get latest (live) scorecards, cricket videos, images & news right on your desktop!

You need to have Google desktop for this, which comes with Google Pack! Needless to say, Google Desktop is free!

Live Cricket Scores: Get Live Cricket Scores updated every moment on your Desktop. You can toggle between simultaneous matches by using the next and prev buttons. A cool gadget that provides you with the latest Cricket Scores

Cricket Scores: Displays the scores of current cricket matches. To view the full scorecard for a match click the ‘see full scorecard’ link. Also displays schedule of next match.

Cricket Videos: This gadget fetches the latest videos related to cricket matches from and displays on the desktop.

Cricket Images and News: Displays cricket news headlines and images as a slideshow. Click on the article/image to open the original article in the browser.