Promote your products through Orkut – Free Advertising on orkut for it’s members

Facebook have been well known for sharing web pages. Due to this reason, it has been a favorite place of bloggers. I felt pity for Orkut, which don’t have such options. But now orkut, under Google has entered this field with more and more facilities. Today when i was browsing through my friends profiles, i […]

Apple pokes fun at Windows 7

Windows 7 is out and guess what Apple is also out with a new advertisement poking fun at Windows 7. They have released a series of ads making fun of Windows 7.

This particular ad is called “Broken Promises” which has a man called PC who resembles Bill Gates slightly and another man called Mac who are talking about Windows 7 and how it wont have any problems that previous Windows versions had.

How To Show Ad Based on Author in a BlogSpot Blog

Over here at Devil’s Workshop, Rahul bro has implemented a cool revenue sharing program, wherein the advertisement that appears on the post belongs to the author itself. For eg. in this post the ad that is displayed below the post title is my ad. Any revenue generated by clicks on the above ad, is paid to my adsense account. But the thing is that with plugins like Advertising Manager, this method is easy to implement in Wordpress.On blogger its a little more extra code. See how you can implement it in Google’s BlogSpot

Vodafone’s ZooZoos receive the PETA Award

Most of you must be fans of the Vodafone ZooZoo ads which are aired in the IPL season 2 breaks. Here’s good news for the ZooZoos fans. Vodafone has won the first Glitter Box award which was given by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) India. This award is given to those businesses that take the advantage of humane alternatives to the use of real animals in their advertisements.

The rise of ‘pay-per-click’ advertising frauds

Over the last year, a substantial number of clicks on ads (based in Santa Monica, California) have come from Bulgaria, Indonesia and the Czech Republic, countries where the company is not even doing any business. is a subsidiary of and during the time of economic slowdown, this is the last thing it needs – a very costly pay-per-click advertising fraud.

Blog.Co.In Pays you for Blogging!

Yesterday I saw a Google ad on Devilsworkshop about Blog.Co.In. I found that the user interface of Blog.Co.In just like Blogger or WordPress but since it’s powered by wordpress, we can call it as the Indian version of wordpress. 😉 While the dashboard is just like the wordpress itself, the major difference is that you […]

Can we place Google Ads with other ads on the same page?

Google AdSense is the best source for publishers to earn money from their website/blog. But most of the new publishers have one doubt that whether they can place other ads on the same page along with Google ads or not. I have seen many users discussing on this topic on different forums. So I searched […]