Blog.Co.In Pays you for Blogging! Yesterday I saw a Google ad on Devilsworkshop about Blog.Co.In. I found that the user interface of Blog.Co.In just like Blogger or WordPress but since it’s powered by wordpress, we can call it as the Indian version of wordpress. πŸ˜‰ While the dashboard is just like the wordpress itself, the major difference is that you can write your blog in English as well as Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Punjabi, Bengali & Gujarati.

But that is not all, there are several other reasons that make bloggers switch/ start their blog with It is their bonus program in which they assure to pay you bonus money by adding their own adsense ads. But your blog should qualify for their bonus program.

Here are a quick highlight on the criteria, your blog shall get paid upon:

  • It must be atleast 30 days old
  • Should have a minimum of 100 posts published with at least 500 words in each post
  • Should have at least 50 approved non-spam comments (Do not count Pingbacks and Trackbacks)
  • Should have your original content (NO free articles / NO copy-paste from internet)
  • Strictly follow their content policy
  • Does not violate any copyrights.

The minimum amount is Rs 1500/- and the upper limits depends on your blog and is not fixed. So, if you are a blogger and you are planning to start your own blog and want a fixed monthly income, then you can choose to blog at Blog.Co.In rather than using any other blogging platform and using your own ads.

Link: Blog.Co.In

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Simran February 5, 2009

It seems to be good but I am happy with blogger only πŸ™‚

Solid Blogger February 6, 2009

There is nothing much to get excited. They are simply fooling bloggers.

sauravjit February 6, 2009

@Solid Blogger is not our site and we are not promoting it.But since there’s an article on on this website that means the blogging site is genuinely good otherwise we wont post it here.

Actually they are not fooling bloggers rather they found a good way of earning by using their 2/3 sharing mode which is better than their previous 60-40 sharing mode plus they are giving you an additional sum of at least Rs1500 which is a sure shot money unlike earning from ads πŸ˜‰

and in your comparison section some points are wrong and they are just against even if they not true,kindly check it. πŸ˜‰

sauravjit February 6, 2009

@Solid Blogger

and also i got a mail from says,

“Every blogging platform has unique and different features. is
based on WordPress. And we are constantly evolving and adding on many
new features each month. Doing a feature-by-feature comparrision
betweekn two platforms doesn’t make sense all the time.

And there are some false statements in his post. Such as the up-time.
Ever since launch, we never had any downtime even for an hour. We use
Amazon Cloud computing, which speaks for itself for the stability and

And regarding the Ads policy, we know it better. We only picked the ad
networks that pay better. is not run by individuals but by a
team of highly experienced entrepreneurs. Look at the website you sent
us, it’s just a clutter of Ads. That shows who is despirite to make
money. Not our bloggers. would not have been so popular other wise. It’s among the top
300 popular sites in India. Someone must be really envy out there.

I am glad he didn’t say that uses Orange and BlogSpot uses
Blue as the main color theme, as one of the points to compare πŸ™‚

Support Team”

any quires???? πŸ˜‰

Solid Blogger February 7, 2009

@ Sauravjit & All who are reading this comment :

Mates, I just spoke my mind. I am not against any site/community and I have already stated this thing very clearly in my post. I was shocked with that 2/3 ad sharing thing. Why would someone share his due with

There are numbers of sites who are offering free sub domains as well as hosting. And they are not asking you to share your revenue with them. It’s your hard work and you should get paid for the time you spend managing your blog.

And the support team said, “Ever since launch, we never had any downtime even for an hour”, if this is the case, then why did you mention a 99.99% up time on your homepage? Now if I have to compare you with Blogspot, i will definitely say that they are better than you as no one have ever faced any downtime with blogspot while you are saying that you can promise up time up to 99.99%?

Can you please tell me where did I make mistakes while comparing both the sites? There is only one mistake as far as I recall and that’s even then ehen I mentioned that both these sites don’t support custom templates. But the fact is that Blogspot supports custom templates while don’t.

And they mentioned about my site’s ad positioning. For their kind information Google allows a publishers to serve 3 Link and 3 Ad units in a single page. So, it’s up to a publisher where he wants to serve those ads. If I’m interested in serving those ads inside the post, they should not bother about this. This is none of their business.

The only thing that made me to make that post is that ad sharing thing. Anyways, bloggers are very clever to decide the best thing. I wish them Good luck.

sauravjit February 7, 2009

@Solid blogger

read this thing again
“2/3 sharing mode which is better than their previous 60-40 sharing mode plus they are giving you an additional sum of at least Rs1500 which is a sure shot money unlike earning from ads”

How can anybody take their Rs1500 and Why would they share their due with bloggers? πŸ˜‰

and they have mentioned about their 99.99% uptime
check it

Solid Blogger February 7, 2009

@ Sauravjit

Whats your reason behind supporting them? It does not bother people if they were giving some 60-40 earlier and presently increased it to 2/3 ratio. No one is even interested to know their history or geography.

I’m trying to say that they are asking bloggers to share their revenue with them coz they are providing you free hosting and sub-domain. But you can get these free hosting and sub-domains from other sites and they won’t ask you to share your revenue with them.

Now you are talking about that Rs.1500 ($30) bonus, well mate, have a look on the conditions for that.

should have a minimum of 100 posts with 500 words in each post
should have 50 non spam comments
you have to write 100% original contents

and a lots more…

Ask any pro blogger, how much can he earn with 100 posts having 500 words in it, 50 non spam comments (SEO factor) and with all unique contents. LMAO, they are going to provide you a part of your income as the bonus too, great!

On the other hand, if your blog is worth making some $300 every month, you will be getting $200 and they will keep $100. This is pathetic. A blogger who gets paid properly for his work, works even more harder on his blog, coz the money factor encourages him to get going.

And finally I am a blogger. I have my own set of my mind as well belong to a country where I am allowed to keep my views openly. I thought is not the platform to start blogging and hence I wrote that on my blog. Anyways, I don’t want to get involved in this conversation anymore. Wishing a great blogging journey [:)]

Pavani February 8, 2009

Thank you guys, for the write-up. Appreciate it. I am a member of team.

We appreciate different views expressed here and as always we are open to new suggestions / ideas to make the things better. was started with the vision of establishing an exclusive blogging platform for Indians.

Many people can not afford to buy a domain name and pay for hosting. And those tons of sites offering free space are probably not worth talking about. I can say this because; I used many during early days. And there is a good reason to be part of a large community, for the exchange of views and receiving feedback.

Ads and earning money is not the primary factor for all bloggers. Majority of our users blog for passion and some for improving their writing skills. Of course there are some professionals, who write for money. And there are some highly skilled bloggers who get to keep the 100% revenue, apart from getting a prime keyword blog name. I think we are very well received in the field.

Disputing about the 00.01% of uptime, I wouldn’t bother as such. Honestly, no one on this earth can promise anything to be 100% accurate. If someone does, it’s just hypothetical. Because, no matter what precautions we take, how much we advance, there is always a chance for failure, and that’s a fact. And btw, leverages Amazon’s Elastic Cloud computing model.

We will be celebrating first birthday on the coming Valentines Day. We made a good progress over the last 12 months, and today is among the top 300 busy websites according to Alexa.

Please feel free to send any suggestions / questions to out support email. We will be glad to hear / answer.

sauravjit February 8, 2009

@Solid blogger

Read the post again,Rs.1500 is the min amount that you’ll definately get and the upper amount is not fixed.

I’m supporting them just because I ve written something in favor of them on this website and this site doesn’t approve any such kind of post which is fake or fraud….

And this post is for them who are beginners and going to start their blog(read th post again i have mentioned this thing),so I m not gonna ask any pro blogger πŸ˜›

So,at least I can write 100 posts with 50 non-spam comments in 2 months and 1500 would be much more than my earning from the ads that time πŸ˜‰

Raju February 9, 2009

The comments are much more interesting than the article itself. We have got to know much more about through the comments section!!

Deepak Jain February 9, 2009

@ Raju
LOL .. Actually Sauravjit & Solid Blogger are too aggressive discussing the pros and cons.. πŸ˜€

krish February 12, 2009

i left this comment on solidblogger site, thought will leave here too. after reading solidblogger’s comment, i went to check for their ad policy. they do not allow any ads to be shown. but they show their own ads for visitors coming from search engine. and there is a $30 fee to turn of those ads.

so, isn’t the idea of is better? they are providing wordpress based solution and letting users to show their ads? which is not available in

if solidblogger is comparing with standalone wordpress, then he’s missing the whole point.

Blogsdna June 25, 2009


why did u miss comparing with blogspot aka blogger a free blogging platform from Google.

Read the comments of Solid blogger, he is comparing with blogpost not wordpress.