Free Premium Anti-Virus for 1 year for your Windows 7 PC

Windows 7, has been launched two days ago. And as far as Windows products go, viruses won’t be far away for this edition of Windows as well. Even though Windows 7 is the most secure of all the Windows systems created to-date, it’s still comforting to know that another anti-virus is working, to keep your PC secure and virus-free. So here’s a list of premium anti-virus that you can get for free (for 1 year.)

Interscan Messaging Hosted Security from Trend Micro

With no doubt Trend Micro is one of the best software to fight with spam, viruses, spy-ware, phishing and other email threats before they enters into the network. There are lots of product form Trend Micro, the product today I am talking about is their new product known as “Interscan Messaging Hosted Security”. Trend Micro’s […]

Microsoft Security Essentials: Its free but will it be useful?

Tomorrow Microsoft will launch Security Essentials a free security software suite which has been under development for over a year. This has been hailed as a replacement of Windows Live OneCare which has been discontinued since June 2009. Some basics of Microsoft Security Essentials Microsoft calls Security Essentials a basic Anti-Virus, anti-spyware program for protecting […]

Winners of Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2010 Six Months License

Gaganpreet had announced a contest few days ago through DevilsWorkshop where 3 lucky winners were to be selected and given free license for 6 months of Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2010. As Gaganpreet was busy he had asked me to announce the winners and give out the codes through e-mail. The contest is over now and the […]

Giveaway: Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2010 Six Months License

Kaspersky Anti Virus is an award winning security program that protects your system from all unwanted threats and also offers real-time automated protection from a range of IT threats. We, here are Devils Workshop are giving three license keys of Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2010 valid for 6 months to three lucky winners. How to participate in […]

How To Show Ad Based on Author in a BlogSpot Blog

Over here at Devil’s Workshop, Rahul bro has implemented a cool revenue sharing program, wherein the advertisement that appears on the post belongs to the author itself. For eg. in this post the ad that is displayed below the post title is my ad. Any revenue generated by clicks on the above ad, is paid to my adsense account. But the thing is that with plugins like Advertising Manager, this method is easy to implement in Wordpress.On blogger its a little more extra code. See how you can implement it in Google’s BlogSpot

Top 5 Tips to Increase your BlogSpot Blog’s Trafic and Revenue

OK! Let me clarify right at the beginning, as the title quite clearly states, these tips are centered around blogs based on Google’s and not ones based on the wordpress platform (although I’m planning one for it soon).

So what does it take to bring people to your blog and turn them into regular visitors? Of course content is king, but when it comes to blogger many background tips are equally important to increase views and your money!

VIPRE Antivirus: Powerful Virus Protection

There are lots of anti virus software which are available in premium as well as freeware version. Among them, I came across the new launched anti virus software VIPRE Antivirus Software, which give you powerful protection from viruses. The software is able to score 5 star rating at VIPRE antivirus is available for 30 […]

Language of Spam – Templates and Translations for Multilingual Attacks

According to MessageLabs Intelligence report for July, there has been a spike in the spam levels in countries where English is not the primary language. Spammers are becoming multi-lingual by using automated translation services to enable multiple language spam runs. They are targeting countries correctly rather than sending spam to all countries English language.

Beware! Michael Jackson Virus spreading over the Internet

Most search trends over internet are all about ‘Michael Jackson’ ever since he died. The spammers are spreading malware and viruses all over internet to capitalize on this trend. Security researcher at Sophos warned against Jackson spam and viruses.

It is spreading via email containing the subject line “Remembering Michael Jackson”. The email contains zip file saying secret songs and photos of Michael Jackson. People download the file and their PCs get infected.