Software to get lyrics to your favourite titles with Winamp and Windows Media Player

MiniLyrics is a small utility which supports almost every Music player application. If your song contains even a basic title, MiniLyrics is good enough to automatically download the lyrics for you.

Sometimes, finding Lyrics for your favorite Songs and subtitles for movies seems a bit of hassle. I found out this tiny software MiniLyrics and found it useful. You must have to use it at full-scale is an Internet connection, using which you can easily find lyrics through the web.

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MiniLyrics is a small-size application which installs in just a minute. The utility automatically configures itself for the r installed players and even supports many music player application. You do not need to run this utility separately and it automatically runs with the compatible players whenever you start any.

For example – Just starting your Media Player would start the MiniLyrics window also. Don’t worry it does not use up much memory and hence can be very comfortable when you are looking for a Karaoke kind of experience.

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The supported players

MiniLyrics supports many themes including its special Floating appearance which I found worth sharing. The floating appearance makes the MiniLyrics window transparent while a song / movie is playing and only the text keeps coming on your screen. This way you can continue with your work and even hit the karaoke floor. If your song has even a basic title, MiniLyrics is good enough to automatically download the lyrics for you.

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I would note like to go further explaining this small utility, instead would strongly recommend using it once. I am sure it is not too late to be addicted :p

LINK: MiniLyrics

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sumanth January 20, 2011

Nice find ankit..thanks for sharing…