Nimbuzz to the rescue for Blackberry users

Recently Saudi Arabia has banned some of the encrypted services with Blackberry. The reason given for the banning of the encrypted messaging services has been security. The same issue might be faced by Blackberry users in India as the government here is also having security concerns. That might be a different debate but one thing is certain that many users might feel disappointed.

According to Nimbuzz blog 10 percent of the Blackberry users have chosen Nimbuzz as a alternative messaging service.

Features of Nimbuzz for Blackberry

  • Nimbuzz works on all Blackberry devices which are OS 4.2.1 and onwards.
  • Nimbuzz allows Blackberry users to connect with Facebook, Gtalk, Yahoo, Skype and MSN contacts.
  • It’s a free app and also created with Open source technology. The added advantage for users is that it conforms to all government requirements and hence this service probably wont be blocked like Blackberry’s own encrypted service has been.

Currently many governments have had some issues with the encryption service with Blackberry but only a coupe of countries have actually banned it. Majority of Blackberry users are not doing this to send corporate secrets over this network and might feel let down when their favorite service gets banned. This is where they might find Nimbuzz app very useful.

What are your views on Blackberry encrypted messaging service being banned? Do you know of any other great free service like Nimbuzz? Do let me know through your comments.

Link: Nimbuzz for Blackberry


Some dope on the new Blackberry Storm 2

The Mobile market will in all probability start to heat up with competition getting tougher for most manufacturers. There are many new players in the market. The ever improving Android, palm and Apple based products he are really crowding out the competiton for RIM.

Last year when Research in Motion (RIM) released Blackberry Storm it was criticized for not matching upto the standards set by iPhone. One of the main criticism of Blackberry Storm was that it had omitted support for Wi-fi connectivity. So now RIM has come out with Blackberry Storm 2 and released it without much fanfare yesterday.


Blackberry Storm 2

  • Now that RIM has released Blackberry Storm 2 it has included Wi-fi connectivity which was not available with Storm 1 and claims that they have taken care of issues with its touch screen functionality. They have included a 3.2 megapixel camera which can record video.
  • It supports the usual things like MMS/SMS, Multimedia player, access to Blackberry App Store and also browser. This is a great thing as with Wi-fi compatibility it can be quite handy. It also includes a 480 x 360 pixel resolution display.
  • It has a 16 add-on memory which is included with the phone with 2 GB built-in memory.
  • One big positive for Blackberry Storm 2 is that it will cost 280 USD. With a contract it seems to be competitive as it would cost approx $180. In India it could possible be available for less than INR 15,000.
  • Over all it looks like a decent mobile with all the usual things that are included. As a smartphone it does not look like RIM is offering any sort of competition to iPhone but it seems to have just turned out a improved version of model which was welcomed with more criticism than kudos.

Links: ZdNet | PC World | RIM


Facebook Application: Facebook for Blackberry

If you are using Blackberry smart-phone then a must have application for it, is ‘Facebook for Blackberry’ with which you can access Facebook right from your Blackberry smart-phone. With clean and easy to use design, Facebook for Blackberry is one of the most downloaded applications under Facebook Mobile, just like Facebook for iPhone.


Download Application:

Facebook Page:


To download this application go to the official application page here. Click on Download application.

Official Blackberry Website:

Use this link of Official Blackberry website to download the application.


  • Update your status.
  • Stay connected with recent updates of your friends.
  • Tag friends in photos.
  • View profiles.
  • Send messages/pokes.
  • See Facebook events.
  • Upload photos instantly.

System Requirements:

  • Wireless data service plan from your service provider.
  • A Facebook account.(Get it here).
  • Blackberry smartphone with 64MB of memory.
  • 882KB available memory.
  • Blackberry Device software 4.2 or later.

Screen Shots:




Reliance offers ‘E-Lite Plan for BlackBerry’ for just Rs. 299 per month!


Reliance Mobile and Research in Motion (RIM) have introduced into the Indian market an affordable plan called the “E-Lite plan for Blackberry” for smartphone users. The plan allows Reliance to reach out to a wider market by providing affordable and high quality services to consumers, at the same time allowing consumers to stay connected through email and instant messaging on their smartphones while on the move.

For just Rs. 299 per month, the plan offers users “unlimited” access to email and instant messaging (IM) on their BlackBerry smartphones.

Reliance customers can use:

  • Up to 10 supported POP3/IMAP email accounts (including most popular ISP email accounts such as Yahoo Mail and Google Mail).
  • Popular attachment formats including JPEG, TIF, Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point while on the move.
  • Unlimited IM services like Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, Windows Live Messenger and BlackBerry Messenger.

Plan available for all BlackBerry smartphones from Reliance Mobile:

  • BlackBerry 8703e
  • BlackBerry 8830
  • BlackBerry Curve 8300
  • BlackBerry Curve 8900
  • BlackBerry Pearl 8110
  • BlackBerry Pearl 8130

Airtel and Vodafone also offer similar plans, which costs subscribers Rs. 299 per month.

Share your comments on what you think.


Red Chery to provide a cheap substitute for BlackBerry?

image2Indian software product company, AJ Square Consultancy, is about to roll out Red Chery – a mobile application that can be used for receiving emails from both free email accounts as well as corporate email accounts. The product team is dreaming big and is planning to market it as a cheaper substitute to BlackBerry and other similar service providers.

clip_image001AJ Square Consultancy is relying on an aggressive pricing strategy and estimates two million Indian subscribers by this fiscal-end.

AJ Square managing director Boaz Augustin told reporters in a press conference:
“With an average revenue per subscriber of Rs.110 per annum, which is about a tenth of what existing players charge, we hope to earn around Rs.22 crores from 20 lakh subscribers by the end of this fiscal. We may even offer this service free at a later stage.”

Red Chery is a mobile email client application that can be used for receiving emails on a mobile handset from any of the free e-mail accounts (like Yahoo, Gmail etc.) and corporate e-mail accounts (like MS exchange and IBM Lotus servers).



As per AJ Square’s managing director Boaz Augustin, Red Chery will have following features. It is:

  • Platform independent
  • Telecom service provider independent
  • Mobile instrument independent
  • Supports to read e-mails like text messages (SMS)

For Red Chery, AJ Square is focusing on the Indian corporate sector to begin with, and the European and Singapore market at a later stage.


Few questions that cross my mind are:

  • As stated by Augustin, this service can support reading emails like any text message. Does this mean that the handsets can receive emails on SMS channels and no GPRS is required?
  • If it is just another email client application for handsets, will it really stand at par with Blackberry, which is more than just an application?

If functionality wise, it stands at par with Blackberry, and it stands by its added features (as listed above), I think it is worth waiting to see how the market responds.

Link: RedChery


Get Google Mobile Apps on Blackberry through Blackberry Enterprise Server

clip_image002 A few days back, Google had announced the Google Apps Connector for BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES). A day later they announced the availability of new enterprise installation packages for Google Mobile App and Google Maps for mobile.

This means that now corporate BlackBerrys will be able to host Google’s favorite applications.

How does this work?

  1. Employees can now ask their IT guys to deploy Google Mobile applications to their corporate BlackBerry phones.

  2. The IT guys will be able to push applications to BlackBerry phones through the BlackBerry Enterprise Server or post the apps on an intranet where they can be downloaded securely by the employees.


User Benefits

Employees will be able to quickly search for information outside of the office. They can:

  1. Search by voice using Google Mobile App
  2. Quickly type queries by selecting query suggestions or look for past queries in their search history
  3. Search for anything they can find on Google, such as stock quotes, product information, or weather
  4. Enable local search with ‘My Location’
  5. Easily launch Google Maps for easy directions

I think this is good news for the users.

If you have more questions in mind, click here.

(Source: Google Mobile Blog)

(Image Credits: Google Mobile Blog)


Buy One BlackBerry Handset and Get One Free!

blackberry storm After reading the title of this post, you must be surely thinking that the author of this post has gone crazy! Though I haven’t yet, but I am sure this offer by Verizon mobile is going to make me crazy for sure. ;) This hard to believe offer (Buy one get one free) is a reality and has been introduced by the famous wireless network – Verizon.

You will be shocked to know that, this offer is not only for the old out dated models of blackberry, but also for the recently released Blackberry storm that’s creating a lot of hype among mobile phone users across the world. If you are excited to know the exact pricing and other details, including the terms and conditions of this offer, then head over to this page by the Boy Genius reports.

[Via Boy Genius Reports]