Blogger to WordPress User-Guide Series [Announcement]

Early this month we announced an affiliate program with our Blogger to WordPress Migration service. This service has migrated many blogs onto the WordPress platform.

We got a lot of queries from clients (who had migrated newly to WordPress) about features which are integral to WordPress platform. We had initially planned a simple FAQ with some common issues which are faced by bloggers new to WordPress.

The idea further developed into creating a Blogger to WordPress user-guide on our Blogger to WP website.

Nitun Lanjewar, who heads technical support for Blogger To WordPress Migration service along with me (Aditya Kane) have authored the series. There are about 15 posts in all, we will publish one post every day on Blogger To WP blog.

To get all updates in the series subscribe to the blog.

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Vishal August 28, 2010

Nice post dude…keep it up

sidduz September 1, 2010

Cool! Will be looking forward for all 15 articles. Thanks to Aditya and Nitun Lanjewar for making it possible

Sagar Rai September 7, 2010

This will the best tutorial ever.