Use Distraction Free Writer for Chrome Browser! [Blogging]

I love to write without any distractions and it is one of the reasons, I like using Windows Live Writer for blogging. I like to write parts of a post first and then go about adding images or videos into them. If you are using Chrome, then you might like Writer Web App which allows […]

[Infographic] WordPress in Numbers!

WordPress it seems is growing at a faster rather than ever before. But it is not just growth that is interesting but also its how it is being adopted by popular websites. For instance 48% of the top 100 blogs use WordPress. Yoast recently featured a nice infographic about various statistics related to WordPress. What […]

[SEO] How Important is Keyword Density for Bloggers?

Since the day I started blogging, I have always been hearing two words that made very little sense from a creative perspective. These words were “Keyword Density”. I never cared for ‘keyword density’ and have always held the view that content should be enjoyable to read rather than easier to be crawled by a search […]

[Stats] WordPress Platform Used by 48% of the top 100 Blogs!

This blog runs on self-hosted WordPress platform, hence I have always been interesting in keeping tabs on the popularity of WordPress. Blogging as an activity is also at a all-time high and WordPress seems to dominate the top 100 blogs. According to Pingdom, out of the top 100 blogs in the world, 48 have adopted […]

Case Study: Devils Workshop switched to rtPanel

rtPanel is a flagship product of rtCamp launched as open-source for WordPress enthusiast. rtPanel is a WordPress Theme Framework and forms a standard base for theme developers to create awesome themes. rtPanel team also offer free technical support to developers. Why did we move? rtPanel has been growing rapidly (already crossed 5000+ downloads mark). The optimized mark-up of […]

Google Tool to Check Your Website’s Performance on a Mobile Phone

If you own a website, it is important to take into account how your website would be displayed on a mobile platform. Over the past few years, usage of mobile phones and tablet devices has grown manifold. For instance if even 20% of your readers view your website on a mobile device, then it is […]

Google to Redirect Blogspot Hosted Blogs to Country Specific Domains

If you are living in India and have a blog on Blogspot, this might interest you. Google is redirecting all blogspot blogs from to This is not for only blogs from India, but all blogs that are looked up from an IP address in India. While if you are using your own personal […]

Check AdSense Earnings Quickly with Chrome Toolbar

If you are running a blog which displays text Ads, then chances are you are using AdSense to monetize. I know many bloggers who check their AdSense earning everyday to carry out their future plans. There are many unofficial AdSense Add-ons and other tools but Google has recently rolled out an official extension. This extension […]

Upgrade Your Blog to WordPress 3.3 “Sonny”

WordPress 3.0 ‘Sonny’ named after a jazz artist Sonny Stitt is now available. Users can either download it from website or upgrade it automatically from their WordPress Dashboard. What’s New with WordPress 3.3 The new WordPress version will allow dragging and dropping files into the WordPress uploader. Support has been added for rar (winrar) […]