Hacking Windows NT 5.x (i.e. Windows 2000/XP/2003)

In this post I’m writing about some Windows NT 5.x series (i.e. windows 2000/XP/2003) hack which I have gathered from various sources! Well due to lack of time I could not try all of the following hacks; but again whether a particular hack should work or not depends on security of that system! As security […]

Know >> Why Brazil Loves Orkut!

The discussion is on to the post made byLoren Baker, EditorHere is an excerpt: Danny Sullivan made a post today at Search Engine Watch quoting a USA Today piece on the alarming amount of Al-Qaeda fan groups in Google’s Orkut. Anytime one talks about Orkut the Brazilian phenomina is discussed which centers around why is […]

Download Videos from Websites Like Google Video, YouTube, MySpace, and Others!

In this post, I am sharing a way to download videos from the internet (MySpace, YouTube, Google Video, etc) and save them to your computer using firefox extension. Before going ahead you need to have firefox. You can then Video Downloader firefox extension! VideoDownloader add a small icon on the status bar at the bottom […]

Myspace Toolbars :: Extra space from firefox!

These are for all MySpace users who are using firefox! 1. Unofficial MySpace Toolbar This one is full of features… Automatically login to Myspace. Instantly access your messages View hidden comments Create styled comments/bulletins Customizable toolbar! Myspace Notifications: Find out if you have new comments, bulletins, etc without logging into myspace. The toolbar can automatically […]

Working proxies for Orkut, Myspace, Facebook, etc

This is for all orkut addicts whose addiction leads their network administrator to block orkut! Here are some proxies provided by orkut itself, u can try!!! http://images.orkut.com http://images3.orkut.com Actually they were created to host images on orkut! Chances of these actually working are very rare! Also there is a different breed of “proxy” specially designed for orkut, […]