Working proxies for Orkut, Myspace, Facebook, etc

This is for all orkut addicts whose addiction leads their network administrator to block orkut! Here are some proxies provided by orkut itself, u can try!!!


Actually they were created to host images on orkut! Chances of theseΒ actuallyΒ working are very rare!

Also there is a different breed of “proxy” specially designed for orkut, myspace and social networking sites like these…

So try following… They are 100% tested.
(By tested I mean they are tested to work with Orkut. Note that not all proxies which you find on internet can open sites like orkut and myspace)

[updated: 2009, JAN. 20]

#HTTPS Proxy List (more secure)

#HTTP Proxy List (less secure)

There are more… and if you are using any proxy successfully… please take pain to post about it in comments! So the list can be updated continuously!

Enjoy Orkutting!!!


Ferrari007 January 10, 2007


I have used before, but a better proxy is

Chances are college firewalls have banned it also (my college has done that), then you can try typing in the IP adress of the site.

Go to

Enjoy Orkutting! … πŸ™‚

anubhav25 August 3, 2007

can i get new list of proxies these r not opening in my office

amIT December 21, 2007

hey although kproxy is good but most of the places it is banned to get daily updated and fastest working list of proxy to surf net use this site
the site also has exclusive listing of best working proxy for sites like ORKUT, MYSPACE

Anonymous February 3, 2007

i used the above proxy and orkut worked for me in office!!!thanx a million ..keep rockin!!!

Sushant June 7, 2007

I have been using this both proxy to access my orkut in my company, which doesnt permit orkut access

Ajay Nambiar February 7, 2007

maybe even kproxy is blocked sometimes.

the workaround is going thru a secure proxy.
or try server7

Rahul Bansal February 7, 2007

@ferrari007, @Ajay Nambiar

Thanks for ur suggestion guys! Wil update this post soon! πŸ™‚

(p.s. currently busy with exams)

ranadheer March 16, 2007


I used all the proxy’s but none is working , all these are blocked here.
can i get a new one !!!!!!!

Annoyed September 24, 2007

I think it’s sad that you are trying to bypass web filtering where you work/school. Save the b.s. for your home pc and get back to work!!!

agrivated March 17, 2010

um exuse me, but some of us, at school who take computer classes, are allowed to listen to music while we work, but then they blocked everything music like, and im not allowed on my computer at home except for research, so my bad for wanting to listen to music that I really like that is not on the radio! and what about when were done with our work and want to do something else than check our email because that gets boring. AND WHAT ARE YOU EVEN DOING ON THIS SITE LOOKING FOR PROXYS IF YOU DONT BELIEVE IN THEM????

Rahul Bansal March 17, 2007

Hey guys updated this post!
Enjoi calculatepie n bravebadger specailly! πŸ™‚

Anonymous March 20, 2007


I tried accessing orkut using kproxy but evrytime it gave a msg-‘Invalid Session’…Cud sumone help me out…..!!!

amol thorat March 25, 2007

instead of proxies try using a wesite called -powerscrap

it enables you to logon to it using orkut login information.Once you have logged in you see actual orkut website with some added functionality just like some tool bars give you.
very nice alternative if orkut is banned.And is relatively faster because its not a proxy.
Only problem is that it is in Portuguese.
But that wont affect your orkut surfing,as everything else remains same.And chances of it being banned already are very slim.

chetan April 12, 2007

hi i have used
and .
Have fun with these proxies n do tell more

Rahul Bansal April 19, 2007

Thaks Amol for powerscrap and chetan for your proxies!

Well best option is to try other proxies!
I am publishing constantly updating working proxies list here!

Eclipse Mac April 20, 2007 – worked for me… thanks a lot yaar -Shravan

chikki April 25, 2007

hi….frnds powerscrap works for me it is beter..try this if another do not waork…
thanx dear for the link
frm Ankur Jain

Rahul Bansal May 2, 2007

@Shravan & Ankur
Ur welcome buddies… Welcome To Devils Workshop! πŸ™‚

Anonymous May 4, 2007

None of your Orkut Proxies are working… Come up with something better…

Rahul Bansal May 4, 2007

Did u tried Powerscrap and proxies in sidebar list.
I guess your network admin might be a reader of Devils workshop! πŸ˜‰
Jus kiddin… I get lots of proxies list but i prefer to test them before posting about them! πŸ™‚

kproxy myspace May 28, 2007 is one I got off of a mailing list that goes out to proxy users.

Rahul Bansal May 28, 2007

@kproxy myspace
Great link… Thanks dude! πŸ™‚

Rahul Bansal June 1, 2007

Will update soon πŸ™‚
Actually lets large no. of proxies to test but only few passes the test! πŸ™

hemanth June 11, 2007

really all things are blocked no one is working
please try any one working please……………………………………………………………………………..

Abhi July 8, 2007

The ISP had blocked orkut a few days back and i had been using powerscrap since then. Guess a lot of others also found abt powerscrap cos now they have blocked that as well. All the above mentioned websites are blocked as well. Gr8 isnt it?

R47 July 8, 2007

i use for accessing orkut, works fine. and the speed is also good. Haven’t tried on other sites like myspace and bebo.

Rahul Bansal July 15, 2007

Nice finding… will check n update list soon! πŸ™‚

Dev July 22, 2007

None of these are working. Help pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee…

Rahul Bansal July 22, 2007

Try … Anyway will update soon! πŸ™‚

Ashish July 16, 2010

no social sites open…..neither can i download anything… u hv any idea which proxy wud work perfectly???

Hellostic July 26, 2007
It works great for me.

Rahul Bansal July 30, 2007

Yep its working…
Tested it! πŸ™‚

Annonymous August 4, 2007

Thanks, one proxy is working in my hostel and now i can use it from college as well.

Rahul Bansal August 6, 2007

Ur Welcome buddy… πŸ™‚
Welcome To Devils Workshop! πŸ˜‰

kiran August 22, 2007

none of the proxies are working for me. If u hav more kindly let me know

Priti August 24, 2007

MAny of these proxies do not allow posting in communities. How to tackle that?

Rahul Bansal August 24, 2007

Just uncheck “no script” box!
Or if there is box saying “allow scripts” check it!

The thing is you have to Accept Scripts…
Orkut makes heavy use of javascript!

Ajay September 6, 2007

All the proxies u mentioned..the ppl who run them are stupid enough to put the word proxy in the url{kproxy…crap) or inside the content of the proxified page.

My office admin is smart enough to block those..

and powerscrap i dont trust them they can do anything with the google ID’s and passwords (you should have mentioned THIS!!!) …


Rahul Bansal September 6, 2007

Thanks Ajay for really intelligent comment! πŸ™‚

About putting proxy in URL/Domain Name… Its really bad practice on proxy service providers side!
But you can not say network admin are smart because filtering like this will result in too many false-positive. In fact its lame administration.

About powerscrap… I personally don’t use it! N I will update this post regarding Google Account issue that you have cited! πŸ™‚
Also do not forget to try the pagemod suggested by Louis Philup!

Will try my levels best to keep this list updated but being human I do have some limitation (mostly in terms of time)…

Louis Philup September 6, 2007

i use

cudnt passby without mentioning them..their proxy was able to crack our $10k office filter..

Rahul Bansal September 6, 2007

Thanks Louis… πŸ™‚
Its really great site!
I think I should write about it in more details! πŸ™‚

Ajay September 10, 2007


hrd got blocked in uae today.
I got an update frm them just now.
heres the new domain

everyone who still havnt got working proxies try the above link:

Rahul Bansal September 14, 2007

Thanks 4 updates Ajay! πŸ™‚

neju September 15, 2007

i checked most of the links for opening orkut .. but its not workign properly n UAE.. if anybody have such proxies.. plzz.. add here..

Rahul Bansal September 18, 2007

Check new link provided by AJAY! πŸ™‚

Rahul Bansal October 5, 2007

Thanks Loius for new domains! πŸ™‚

Vysakh October 2, 2007

Hey Ajay

tanx for the secure server address of

Its working gr8.

and Rahul
y dont you make sep. list of secure addresses and non secure ones..jus sort them out..

Thanks buddy for this wonderful post.

Rahul Bansal October 5, 2007

Nice idea Vysakh! πŸ™‚
Will surely separate these lists soon! πŸ™‚

Ajay November 12, 2007

PAGEmod new domain :

Rahul Bansal November 14, 2007


thanks again for updates Ajay! πŸ™‚
Will soon update all proxy listings…

Rahul Bansal November 27, 2007

Thanks prathamesh!
All of these are working.. πŸ™‚
Wil update above listings with these.

Anil November 27, 2007

well nothing is working here all proxy sites r also blocked if any 1 hv solution pl. tell me

Rahul Bansal November 27, 2007

Updated list today only!
Try new proxies… Or use πŸ™‚

Ajay January 12, 2008

Heres more PAGEmod Updates
1) PAGEmod New Domain :
(Now Supporting PHP , CGI Web proxies)

Heres the Jackpot ..they have started a new Virtual Private Desktop Proxy at

It gives access to any site on WORLD WIDE WEB without any software( well an activex plugin is needed) at great speeds ( well speed totally depends on your ISP speed) totally FREE.

Its Currently Invite Only .. check homepage for more information

and also u can downlaod the updated portable pagemod zip file from

secure at :

Rahul Bansal January 14, 2008

Thanks for new proxies! πŸ™‚

akshay March 2, 2008

hiyou can try out this one

Rahul Bansal March 2, 2008

Its working… Thanks buddy! πŸ™‚

amiya March 17, 2008

is there someway to download songs through proxies?
coz….all such sites are blocked by the great filter in the hostel where i spend 10 out of 12 months….

Rahul Bansal March 18, 2008

You can try some proxies from our list in sidebar… We keep updating that list! πŸ™‚

amiya March 18, 2008

i already tried a few….
https as well as http proxies…

blackdile,goldpuddle, smokeflower and the usual vtunnel etc….

and i went to

the proxy only helps me to get through to the page which shows the list of songs available for download…but very agonisingly, clicking on the download or even the email option gives the answer as page not found…

i just checked out…in case the problem was specific to mp3hungama
here the download seems to go one more step…..but then… says the max permissible size for a file that can be downloaded through the proxy is 0.10 mb… that rules out any song at all….

any help…?

Rahul Bansal March 18, 2008

I got your problem exactly now but I don’t think any proxy will allow bigger files… πŸ™
Still if I find a way out I will post on this blog.

selva August 12, 2010

send me any new free proxy software….plzz dude…

amiya March 18, 2008

thanx for d help…
i will surely keep an eye out for anything new that comes up here….

keep up d good job….

Rahul Bansal March 18, 2008

Thanks man… πŸ™‚

You can subscribe to my RSS feed or email alert to receive automatic updates in future!

rahul April 15, 2008

orkut latest proxies:


Rahul Bansal April 15, 2008

Its working… thanks πŸ™‚

Chloe April 17, 2008

i live at a boarding school. every site is blocked and there is no way to get on anything.

all the above sites, every single one of them is blocked, the techies must be really sad to block every proxy.

my life is pretty dismal when i cant speak to my family and freinds outside of school.

please could anyone help me, any brand new proxys no one kows about?

thanks, chloe.

Rahul Bansal April 18, 2008

Its true that proxies get banned in few days but there are 2-3 proxy comes up everyday!
So use always new proxy… πŸ™‚

Ajay Nambiar May 5, 2008

Hey Rahul .

I find all the https proxies are from the same provider(thnk its peacefire)and its nt working for me too.. goes to the orkut accounts pages.

Iam still using pagemod cgi proxies.. their new domain is

and the best think i feel is people should signup for the email domain updates{pagemod send new ones every 4 days} atleast u shud do.. so u get informed on te new domains and u can spread the word. thru the blog.. or u can make ur own proxy list subscription service and send out the fresh domains( even can make a few bucks with it:-) )

feel free to write to their support at [email protected] lets fight internet censorship together ..

Rahul Bansal May 5, 2008

Hi Ajay,
Thanks for your updates.
I am working on a new project to fight internet censorship.
Thats why this page is slightly ignored from me… πŸ™

Hope to come up with something really nice in June…

vimal May 9, 2008

hey guyz…

itz really very helpful…

thanx u allll…….

kEEEEEE33333333p it ^…


Rahul Bansal May 9, 2008

Ur welcome buddy… πŸ™‚

Alina Mary May 23, 2008

none of the https proxies work… all r blocked

pls update secure list//// please please please

Rahul Bansal May 23, 2008

Check new proxies getting listed in comments. Due to lack of time I am failing to update this list from sometime.
Just manage for 2 weeks…

Thanks Ajay for helping out user here again πŸ™‚

Ajay May 23, 2008

Hello Users

– Youtube Now Supported { goto the proxy for more info}
– New Domain –
– SSL secure Domain


We are bringing in a new option where you can enjoy unlimited browsing through proxy with absolutely NO ADS for selected users on selected days.

Interested users reply to [email protected] to join in


Vyskah May 29, 2008

youtube is now supported in pagemod proxies

Rahul Bansal June 3, 2008

Thanks for links buddy… πŸ™‚

Pingback: www iceknock com
amy June 21, 2008

Hello Users…
well in most conditions your network admin block the proxies after a week or so and sometimes it goes even worse to remember the working proxies…
i hav got a software which automatically bypass the server …
you can download this software from a website
the software is of only 80 kb’s
jst mail me to ask the user and password at the site..

Rahul Bansal June 24, 2008

thanks for info…
but why didnt you keep direct download link instead?

Danny October 18, 2010

plz amy could u send me the username n pass for the software?

amy June 26, 2008

ok ok…………
login: usman

Rahul Bansal June 27, 2008

Thanks for info… πŸ™‚

ashwin July 20, 2008

thank you very muc for providing me suc a nice list of proxy sites spe for orkut
keep orkuting

Rahul Bansal July 23, 2008

Your welcome bro… πŸ™‚

Preetham July 26, 2008

None of the above links work in UAE

Rahul Bansal July 27, 2008

Sorry to here that… πŸ™
have you checked proxies listed in comments submitted by users?

Karthick.N July 28, 2008

Any body having new proxy for orkut none of above is working.. πŸ™

abhishek July 29, 2008

please tell me……if there is any new proxy for orkut. i hv tried all of these, all are blocked in my university

amy August 7, 2008

abhishek… my last posts…
try that, its wonderful….

dharmubaba August 16, 2008

u can try the software- ultrasurf 8.8 which works gr8 in middle east countries and never banned

Rahul Bansal August 19, 2008

Yep. Now Google will really make money out of FeedBurner so lets hope they pour some money into improving their service…

sooraj August 16, 2008

i cant access the orkut in dubai/
plz find a solution

rabjot August 20, 2008

i will really appreciate if someone can guide on ho can i bypass surfcontrol in my office.

Rahul Bansal August 21, 2008

Have you tried proxies stated above?

Dev August 22, 2008

do tell me abt Ultrasurf… that was easy to use……. is there any changes in it’s HOST..

Ajay Nambiar September 8, 2008


I have been a regular user of proxies.
I think it is the only working cgi proxy out there.hence many functions to work on it.
I use it for myspace and bebo mainly.They also send me in new domains with just one mail
to [email protected] .

Currently i think there new domain is [ click here to go there]

Rahul Bansal September 8, 2008

Thanks for contribution Ajay… πŸ™‚
pagemod is really nice…

saurabh September 11, 2008

I can’t access any one of these above proxy wid websense.

janeef September 19, 2008

is there any other wedsite either then which we can reply scrap and accept friends ? please let me know if there is any sites which is possible to use has Original Orkut.web

Rahul Bansal September 25, 2008

Sorry to know that but soon we will be launching a new service which will take firewall’s pain away considerably.

Do not disable javascript in options section provided by most of the proxies.

mithlesh September 30, 2008

hi friends, give some techniques to use orkut in my hostel net as all sites regarding orkut are banned here……….

mspenc October 3, 2008

hay my school has a web blocker called st Bernard iprism they got every thing blocked

Alina Mary October 12, 2008

I have used many proxy sites over the years be it PHP CGI glype watever,
Nowadays none seem to bypass the ever strong filters{ websense, K9 , bess},
some things one should observe when looking for a proxy site:

-Shouldn’t be a .info { filters by default block them coz most are proxy sites}
-Shouldnt contain the words proxy or others like myspace,orkut,bebo in it. { they keyword filter those}
-On the safe side should be a SSL encrypted ones {https sites filter find them difficult to scan}
-Should be a reputable provider and provide fresh domains update {So that proxy owners dont steal our information,
face the fact domains will get blocked eventually, so its necessary to provide new ones.}
-I would recommend CGI proxy , even if they are time consuming they give the desired results.

Currently i use from proxies.They have both CGI and PHP proxies in them.
Very Reputable,SSL enabled, does provide new domains by just sending a mail to [email protected]

Happy Browsing , Hope I was of some help

Deepak October 14, 2008

@Alina Mary
This link is not working for me πŸ™

Sydney October 14, 2008

Ok. I go to a school that has blocked all the proxies I have tried. I tried a lot. Please help me with a really really good one/

vicky October 21, 2008

hey ajay
Thanks yaarrrrrr
u r proxy is really working
earlier i was using mwolks proxies but our server blocked that site.

but noe u r proxy is working ….
keep updating proxies ……….

Thanks once again……..

0cean October 21, 2008

non of proxi is working here in KSA :@ ., CAN u help me plzz :'(

Saimanish Sharma October 24, 2008

No proxy is working in the office. Please update some new proxy so that I can open Orkut or Powerscrap in my office.

Dumb assingment November 12, 2008

none of them work.

kil0-T November 13, 2008

I make a new proxy for you please try it out. πŸ™‚ also please click on bookmark button on the website and email your friend about my website too. (if they worked for you.)

if you like you can join my proxy mailing list to receive fresh proxy straight to your inbox πŸ™‚

scorpy November 18, 2008

i dont know how does the proxy sites in this list works. nothing is working here at my office.

zohaib November 22, 2008

plz update any new proxy……in my college nothing iz open first page of orkut but after that nothing opens….

Kush November 24, 2008

second one is not working and first one gives error of invalid page after entering username and password……

Sita November 25, 2008

criclover continues to work fine for me. is erroring out for me as well.

Kush November 25, 2008

But it is not working for me. If you have any other, let me know. You can reach at- [email protected]

jessica November 26, 2008

hey i have no way of getting on myspace r school is good they have blocked EVERY thing i need help gettingmore

Kush November 26, 2008

Hi, You can read your scraps only– You should have rediffmail ID. log on to inbox of rediffmail. you can find severals feeds there. so select orkut ang login with orkut ID and Password.

If your network administrator has blocked gtalk, then login to sify inbox. there is sify talk same as gmail.

Pavan Kumar December 1, 2008

Many have stopped working, please re update the list πŸ™‚

Also better use paged comments plugin…

Mackenzi December 3, 2008

Im in high school and NOTHING works for myspace!

naveen December 4, 2008

@Rahul Bansal – hey pls help me … in our coll lib they hav blocked orkut….. i tried all proxies but no use …. pls can u say new proxies

abd December 5, 2008

hi all..i’m from kuwiat and i ues ego wireless connection but non of the proxies seems to be working…anyone!!!

Denish December 6, 2008

None of the above proxy is working at my place….

Anirudh December 17, 2008

the way we users search for proxy sites, a good security admin also looks for them, and again blocks them. Again ! πŸ™

Why not use HTTP tunneling to completely get rid of this problem ?

Rahul Bansal December 20, 2008

A average user find HTTP tunneling little hard.
For geeks, there are always many ways to break censorship! πŸ˜‰

Zeroboy December 18, 2008

Hi im wrkng for a company n here all proxy links are blocked. So i need to access orkut, yahoomail..

so i need your help to solve this issue

Sita December 25, 2008


can you please add to your list of proxy sites?

pradeep January 23, 2009

Hi.. Please post a proxy address which is secure that is https://… And supports resuming of interrupted downloads..
I’m using secure proxy to surf because unsecure proxies are not workin for me..
When i download things using the secure proxy , once the download gets interrupted it starts from 0 (zero) again no matter if it has downloaded 99 percent earlier..
I am very much disturbed when downloading large file worth 50 Mb and so on..
Download can stop on any damn second and i have to start it again…
So please please please if any body knows secure proxy address which supports resuming of interrupted downloads, post it here…
I’ll be thankful to you..

Satnam January 31, 2009

hi i’m using secure sites for surfing and i want a secure proxy site for Orkut

Solid Blogger February 8, 2009

oh man! it’s a huge list. But the only problem with using these proxies is that you are in great risk of revealing your account details with a third party as you are using their route to connect to internet.

MOFONINJA February 17, 2009

My school doesnt block the proxy it makes the connections down. It makes it were i cnt content to the proxy…

Sumit February 24, 2009

Hi Everybody,

Buddies in my office I’m unable to use Orkut from any of the above mentioned sites.

My Filter is quite strong as it also does not allow to open sports or movies sections of News papers & channels site.

They are using Cyberroam Software for all these.

Plz. somebody help me out to crack this filter.

tori February 27, 2009

umm like all that i have tried are ALL blocked at my school!

Varghese February 28, 2009

I am trying to open ORKUT in UAE but not working. Can you please help. Thanks

dede April 1, 2009

none of these proxies are valid for my school.. PLEASE update new soon.

Akshit April 24, 2009

Hi Friends,

I have tried all the above proxy sites in my office, but nothing is working. It is just logging in and nothing is shown. Please update with new proxy sites.

Thank you.

pallavi jain April 25, 2009

can u suggest any more proxies…i hav tried all dese…none is working in my university…thanxxx

Rahul April 26, 2009

you can check this site upadting proxy websites every hour.
no need to remember any proxy sites anymore.


nicole April 29, 2009

i need help all the proxies you guys gave have been blocked at my school:(
please send me some more that might work

bend8 May 1, 2009

I make new proxy site:

I hope it works for you πŸ™‚

Erica May 14, 2009


cynthia May 14, 2009


valerie June 29, 2009

uqh..everi proxie in here iz blocked =[[
n i wanna be able to download ultrasurf but it wont let me =[[
all the proxiez in my school are blocked by some company named astro =[[
i need to find a way to get on myspace plzzz!!! =[[

Digambar Bhinge July 10, 2009

uqh..everi proxie in here iz blocked =[[
n i wanna be able to download ultrasurf but it wont let me =[[
all the proxiez in my school are blocked by some company named Kirloskar oil Engine in pune khadaki-03
i need to find a way to get on myspace plzzz!!! =[[
Plz send to proxy link,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,plz,,,,,

marissa July 21, 2009

hi can someone give me a prxy site for myspace

aaaaaaa July 22, 2009

try this one:


dhillon July 30, 2009

none of these proxies work n mah collage

Girish August 16, 2009

None of these work , many of the proxy sites are also blocked under the category ‘URLTranslationSites’ . please help.

anonymous August 17, 2009

hello rahul
its a gud site but am not able to access orkut in spite of all thez proxies..plz lemme know the latest proxy as on 17 aug 2009!

jithin September 8, 2009

pls help me to find the proxy for rediffmail

Shruti September 10, 2009

Awesome dude……. you rock… hands down… now anything for facebook??

cynthia September 18, 2009

Someone plz help me none of the proxies listed above plz someone give me a proxy i can use to get on myspace

taranfx October 20, 2009

good ones. but Era of Facebook has started πŸ™‚

lucky November 19, 2009

cant open orkut…please help…

garima November 23, 2009

Any body having new proxy for orkut none of above is working..

sitesfan November 30, 2009

You’re better off using Freedur, it’s a software that allows you to surf these blocked social networking sites anonymously. It works for me and I’ve been using it for several months now.

Previously I’ve been using proxy sites but they aren’t that reliable because they get blocked all the time. It’s quite a hassle to continuously search for something that actually works.

Smita Narayane December 23, 2009


I used all the proxy’s but none is working , all these are blocked here.
can i get a new one !!!!!!!

rohit January 4, 2010

hey man… I hv checked every proxy here…i hv tried ultra surf..n helluva proxy sites but nothing is working this is so frustating..
help me..

Digambar Bhinge January 5, 2010

I will Working in Kirloskar This is internet not working all site blok plz help me.
orkut,Gmail,Yahoo, anay mail ID.block.

Krishna January 5, 2010

Hey Guys,
I tried all the above sites but I could’nt open the above sites.My office huys use IBM and Iam frustrated..Any one please helpppppppppp meeeeeeeeeee…


Sandy January 13, 2010

Have U tried πŸ˜€ It works atlst πŸ˜€ cant chat though πŸ™

ankit varma January 23, 2010


At my workplace proxy server catching is very strong
None of ur trick worked

Plz help me out and provide a solution


ritu January 23, 2010

plz help me out.. i tried kproxy for orkut log in ..but not able to access as it says orkut/main access able to log in but the next window doesn`t appear..

Amber January 26, 2010

All of these are blocked. Can I get a new one that works for myspace. For messaging and apps?

amit bhurchandi February 10, 2010


guys none of the tricks worked…..

essar firwall is too stict.

help me out.

gaurav singh February 10, 2010

hi friend i am stuck in a prob

i have install k9 and i forget the pass..
and i have block my ftp from my server comp so please help me
how can i unblock it ….

Jonathan March 5, 2010

Well the best thing to do would be to reinstall everything! And thanks for this.

Ajay March 11, 2010


The latest link is
You can try the https as well.

To Access ORKUT :
click on the orkut image on the site above and browse the mobile orkut site.

Pagemod admin

varma March 14, 2010

all links which u guys are posted are not at all working see know er days collages and origination are implementing websence in proxy servers i am also an Jn network administrator we also implemented websence software which will block all the websites which comes under streaming.and proxy adviser etc i also used this link for few days but its also not working know the genius people hu know the ip based web proxy’s can u pls post me i think genius guys might help me

abhishek March 27, 2010

i m unable to access the orkut into my campus as it is banned here also most of the proxy is not working here pls give me the latest proxy such tht i can access the orkut easily. if u have the latest proxy for powerscribe the pls give me……….

Gr8Gunz April 16, 2010

our college uses k9 web protection which blocks all networking sites. how can i access orkut, facebook and hi5 without the password for k9????????

jessica May 26, 2010

ther is something blocking me from gettin on my myspace help me

kaye June 26, 2010 — this could post status and change profile pictures in Facebook

Alex June 27, 2010

One of the main reasons why you are not able to access proxy websites is because they uses the keyword of the domain you are trying to access to. For eg: the proxy site contains keywords like “unblock orkut, facebook un**, myspace *** etc”. In schools, the whole keyword “orkut” might be blocked. So you have to use a proxy that shouldnot have such keywords. If possible, add to the HTTP proxy list. There is no ads or popups in proxified pages. So clean and simple for schools and offices.

arun July 15, 2010

Hi me working in IT company in my company they have blocked the gmail,orkut etc… so please help me out how to use this sites

Pradip July 22, 2010

Hi All,
Can any one provide me the proxy site list coz in my office all proxy is being blocked through check point software……please post me if any of you have working proxy………..

Piyush August 2, 2010


Seems that am able to open the gmail only in basic html version…..on some sites like cakebird, cheeseglobe etc…how cm i can overcome this issue

Ajay Chavda August 16, 2010

Hey Rahul .

I find all the https proxies are from the same provider(thnk its peacefire)and its nt working for me too.. goes to the orkut accounts pages.

Iam still using pagemod cgi proxies.. their new domain is

and the best think i feel is people should signup for the email domain updates{pagemod send new ones every 4 days} atleast u shud do.. so u get informed on te new domains and u can spread the word. thru the blog.. or u can make ur own proxy list subscription service and send out the fresh domains( even can make a few bucks with it:-) )

manish September 18, 2010

i had tried most of proxies but made me move ahead loginpage ……………plzzzzz help

davia October 2, 2010

hey you really need to up date these because there some that do work and there are some that doesnt work

Boopathi October 12, 2010

hi friends…
i have tried all proxies,and the ultrasurf and etc….. to unblock the sites which are all has been blocked by my college firewall.
please help

GuJJu October 23, 2010

Thanks dude, but 1 mistake.
It must be Proxies and not Proxyies.

Boopathi October 31, 2010

k friend.
but can you help to me? you have mentioned many. but all were blocked.

Oyun1 November 13, 2010

Thank you for nice article

kuldeep December 9, 2010

Dear All,

I am not able to access any website for social networking by using all these tips and tricks.
Help me out pls…


dhara December 22, 2010

hey guys..wat ever u r given is nt working out…plz gv me tips to c ma orkut nd facebook

Manu Jose February 3, 2011

hello Bro.. i’m in a pretty awful situation .. with the new upgraded version of fortiguard.. no proxies in ur list r working against it….. plz do help

ANDREAS March 3, 2011

help my boss bought optenet and blocked everything any working proxys all of them are blocked

Dj March 30, 2011

hey man, i know you probably get this a lot but please try to update the proxy list, none of these are opening and the ones that do are slower that hell,

bharat April 6, 2011

hey guys,

i have tried all the proxy’s mentioned above but all are not opening in my office.I want to access my facebook account, so please suggest me an option to open it.
our administrator is really a cracker.
give smthing which will work…..getting bored in office very much…
help me out..

bharat April 6, 2011

hey guys.

plz update

Kuldeep April 12, 2011

Dear All,

I am not able to access any website for social networking by using all these tips and tricks.
Help me out pls…i have tried all the proxy’s mentioned above but all are not opening in my office.I want to access my facebook account, so please suggest me an option to open it.
our administrator is really a cracker.
give smthing which will work…..getting bored in office very much

Michael M May 18, 2011

Use this free proxy to access Facebook, YouTube , or any blocked website from school.

Enjoy. πŸ™‚

P.S: Please add it to the List above too.

aisha September 26, 2011

m nt allwd to connect wid sns by mah network administrator..pls suggest sm gud proxy sites.

Rahul November 4, 2011

above mentioned proxies are not working in my office, pl update with new proxies.