Myspace Toolbars :: Extra space from firefox!

These are for all MySpace users who are using firefox!

1. Unofficial MySpace Toolbar

This one is full of features…

  • Automatically login to Myspace.
  • Instantly access your messages
  • View hidden comments
  • Create styled comments/bulletins
  • Customizable toolbar!
  • Myspace Notifications: Find out if you have new comments, bulletins, etc without logging into myspace.
  • The toolbar can automatically hide when you are not using Myspace. To toggle this feature, click the “m” on the status bar.

Link: Unofficial MySpace Toolbar

2. ToolbarMS-The MySpace Toolbar

ToolbarMS is a Firefox toolbar created to provide a quick navigation menu for the MySpace website. It not only provides quick links to the most popular features of MySpace but also creates dynamic menu that can expand and adapt as MySpace changes.

Link: ToolbarMS-The MySpace Toolbar

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amber March 11, 2009

i need a proxy for myspace

tyeshia April 10, 2009

i need fresh proxies