Is Google Buzz admitting that it goofed up the first time?

Google Buzz has been covered over many blogs with many web articles being published on various tools and strategies to be employed on using Buzz. We at Devils’ Workshop have also had many posts on Google Buzz about its general updates to its settings to desktop applications for using Buzz. A few times I have […]

Check Buzz updates with Desktop application

Anyone using Twitter and Facebook a lot might be aware of desktop applications like Digsby and Yoono, to use them without the need to visit their web pages. For the moment there are not many impressive stand alone desktop apps for Google Buzz. After doing a bit of research I found Google Buzz Desktop a application that allows you to update and read your Buzz updates from the desktop itself.

New Settings updates for Buzz updates in your Gmail Inbox

Google recently announced new updates to features with Google Buzz. Now Buzz is part of the settings section within Gmail and also you can mute a Buzz within the Inbox. Google Buzz has had a tumultuous start with many questioning it’s privacy features and there were a spate of posts on how to remove Buzz […]