Is Google Buzz admitting that it goofed up the first time?

Google Buzz has been covered over many blogs with many web articles being published on various tools and strategies to be employed on using Buzz. We at Devils’ Workshop have also had many posts on Google Buzz about its general updates to its settings to desktop applications for using Buzz.

A few times I have even wondered aloud if Google was better of buying Twitter instead of coming up with Buzz.

Now the latest on the Google Buzz page is a new settings update which prompt the user by default to confirm if the settings they have on Google Buzz are fine with them. Below is a screen shot of how it looked for my Buzz profile.

I think Buzz has got a lot of bad publicity for it’s settings regarding privacy and this is the first instance when Google Buzz admits it got things wrong.

A lot of people did not like their email contacts becoming Buzz contacts and that was where Buzz started to get it wrong. Having your email contacts out in the open was not desirable for many who might be using a single Gmail account for professional and personal work.

I think it was fair to wonder why did Buzz never stay in Beta and was released with such haste? I think Google is now realizing its mistake with Google Buzz and has created this new update of confirming Buzz settings as repair work.

What do you think? Do you think this is an admission of Google saying they goofed up? Do drop in your comments. 😉


Kunal April 6, 2010

Yes thats what i thought when saw the Google buzz prompt me for the new settings this mrng. Any way google has to do lot more than this to make pple use buzz..

Aditya Kane April 6, 2010

Hopefully they will make Buzz more worthwhile and not let it go the Google Wave way.

Puneet April 6, 2010

I have now turned off Buzz

Aditya Kane April 6, 2010

I can empathize with you. It is a bit too much of a bother when Buzz itself is not doing something that Facebook and twitter cannot.