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Anyone using Twitter and Facebook a lot might be aware of desktop applications like Digsby and Yoono, to use them without the need to visit their web pages. For the moment there are not many impressive stand alone desktop apps for Google Buzz. After doing a bit of research I found Google Buzz Desktop a application that allows you to update and read your Buzz updates from the desktop itself.

About Google Buzz Desktop

  • It is light weight as its created with Adobe Air. Pretty similar to TweetDeck and the scores of Twitter apps that are around.
  • Once I signed in with my Gmail username and password, I was pretty much set with Buzz updates and can look them up onmy desktop instead of the need have a browser open.
  • It updates automatically every 2 minutes and that suits me great.

Buzz is not used as extensively as Twitter as most people do not Buzz as much as they Tweet. But this precisely seems like the reason why a lot of spam is avoided by people in their Buzz updates and hence most things updated by my friends end up being more worthy of reading rather than a tweet might be. This is where a Google Buzz Desktop works absolutely fine for me.

What do you think? Do you know of any Desktop application for Buzz? Do drop in your comments. 🙂

Download: GBD*

*The website is in Spanish but pretty self explanatory for using the application and hence should not be a problem.

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