YouTube allows sharing videos directly on Blogger and Buzz

YouTube has already come up with a re-design of its website which has not really had many people complaining. One thing that they have made more significant, is the option to share videos with various options for Twitter to Facebook.

Now YouTube has unveiled the option of sharing YouTube videos directly from its website to your Buzz contacts along with also seamlessly sharing it on Blogger.

  • While using the Buzz button to share YouTube video it does respect privacy and you can choose to share the video publicly or even with certain email contact groups.
  • While sharing on Blogger it allows you to edit the Post title and also add some text in the Post. But this is useful for people using Blogger on personal or rather informal basis and not if someone is hosting a professional blog. In the case of a professional blog it is better to manually embed the videos.

What you can expect in the future form YouTube?

YouTube is experimenting with new features where you will be sent an email letting you know when someone who you subscribe to on YouTube, adds a new video. I guess this is some sort of a way to create feeds to let people know about new videos from their favourite YouTube contributors.

So do try out these new options with YouTube and let me know what you think about them through your comments.

Link: YouTube Blog