Google to shut down Meebo and here are some alternatives

Popular instant messaging service Meebo to be shutdown by Google by July 11th. As you know, Meebo was aquired by Google a few days back, and now they announce that they’ll be shutting down most of Meebo services, except the Meebo bar. Google has been doing this lately, shutting down Picnik and other not so popular Google services, to concentrate more on Google+.

Update: You can download all your chat logs on Meebo from this link.

Here are a few services you can try out if you miss the Meebo messenger. All these messengers work have web clients, just like Meebo does.



In my opinion (no, that wasn’t a pun), is one of the best web-based messengers out there. They do have mobile apps supporting all the major platforms, but their web client keeps it apart from others. The web client lets you IM, video chat (also voice chat), transfer files, and even access chat history. It supports a big list of IM services, from Gtalk to Steam.


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2. Nimbuzz

Besides IM, you can also make low-cost international calls in Nimbuzz, both on mobile and desktop. They have recently released their API, which lets developers make automated chat buddies – this feature may be integrated in the next version of Nimbuzz, and its apps. They also have a Chrome app, in case you use Google Chrome.

Link: Nimbuzz

3. eBuddy

If you want to more control over your web messenger, you should consider trying eBuddy’s web client. They also have eBuddy XMS, which is eBuddy for mobile. Like Facebook Messenger, eBuddy XMS will let you know if your message is read.


Link: eBuddy

4. Trillian

Trillian has a nifty feature which lets you update your status of different social networks right from the messenger, that includes Facebook, Twitter and many more. It lets you customize using themes and a bit more.

Link: Trillian

5. IM+

Not as popular as previously mentioned messengers, but worth a try if you’ve already tried the rest of them, has a handy auto away feature.

Link: IM+

Try out the apps, and tell us which one you’d prefer to use.

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