Clean up your Desktop using Desktop Teleporter

Most of our desktops are in a mess. Its mostly because its the most accessible area of our computer. We tend to put in all our downloads, WinRAR extracts, notes, etc. Most of us use these files just once! Except maybe My computer and the Browser.

Here an awesome piece of software which helps to clean your desktop, its called Desktop Teleporter.

Desktop Teleporter
Desktop Teleporter

You just have to specify some rules and a target folder. This software moves your specified files into the target folders. If you want some files to stay on the desktop you just add it to the exclusion list. This application is also very tiny, you don’t even have to install anything. You just click on the executable file you’ll have it on the system tray.

[Editor’s Note: This post is submitted by our guest blogger Suhas Sharma. He is a 16 year old tech geek who writes about technology at Suhastech.

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