Remotely Accessing Linux via Windows

Remotely Accessing Linux via Windows with the help of VNC server software which is widely available on most Linux OS and also can be installed on a Windows System

There are situations when you want to access a system remotely. If both the systems have Windows OS then it’s not a problem but what if one system has Windows & the other has LINUX/Mac. 😛

The solution is to use VNC server.

Virtual Network Computing (VNC) is a graphical desktop sharing system that uses the RFB protocol to remotely control another computer. VNC is platform-independent.


Almost all Linux OS have inbuilt VNC server. For connecting Linux system to Windows you need to install VNC viewer which you can download from or


  • You need to install VNC server from above mentioned sites on your system.
  • Steps to connect Windows viewer to Linux server
  • Start VNC server on linux system using command VNC Server
  • Click on Start and Run VNC viewer on Windows system.

VNC server
  • Type the IP Address of the system to which you want to connect and then click OK.
  • Now you can access the remote (Linux) system.

The only problem which I came across  is that when you completely maximize the screen it locks  & you have to manually close session from remote system to gain the access again.

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