ICANN Allows Top Level Domains in Any Language or Script

ICANN (International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) has announced that it will allow generic Top Level Domains to be in any language or script. It also means radically increasing the number of name endings for URLs which now stand at 22 and includes .com, .org and others.

Grab .com Domain for 5.99$ from Ilovethisdomain.com

Few days back we announced that we are launching few new portals and one of them is domain business.  rtCamp is now in domain business and to give privilege to rtBlogs readers we are giving away domain name for cheap till one week. This week you can grab domain names for following rates : .com […]

Find Best Domain name With 10 Domain name Generator Sites

Domain name is the most important step that plays the crucial role in making a successful website. It is just the simple mirror that reflects the theme of our website in a single word. This single word should be able to explain what our website is all about. Domain name selection is having such a […]

Some Tips To Follow Before Buying A Domain Name

Selecting a domain name is really a  tough job, if we select a domain name we should not buy it immediately rather follow the steps below . Though Rahul wrote a similar article few months back but this post contains some new points that you should follow. 1. Always remember that buy domain from trusted […]

8 Tips For Finding Good Domain Names

Technically, we can move all traffic and search engine juice from one domain to another. But in long run, domain acts like your brand name so choosing a good domain early is always wise even if you need spend some time for it.
So listing in this post 8 points one can consider to find good domain name.