Grab .com Domain for 5.99$ from

Few days back we announced that we are launching few new portals and one of them is domain business.  rtCamp is now in domain business and to give privilege to rtBlogs readers we are giving away domain name for cheap till one week.


This week you can grab domain names for following rates :

  • .com domain name : 5.99$
  • .in domain name : 3.99$
  • domain name : 3.99$
  • .info domain name: 6.99$

This offer is just for one week and we accept payment via Paypal or credit card. So you can quickly search for domain name from Ilovethisdomain and grab your favorite domain name.


For any domain related enquiry feel free to catch me on twitter @denharsh.

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He is a Technology enthusiast, with a dream to web blog at a very young age and trying to reach new heights with his passion to write and contribute his work on his very own blog Extreme Trix.

7 replies on “Grab .com Domain for 5.99$ from”

  1. After my experience with Indiatimes (i wrote a post on DW about that)I was in a dilemma whether to buy the domain from my regular registrar or from here. Finally i decided to buy from here because i trust u guys a lot..finally bought a domain today..

  2. I am facing some problem in setting up the cname cname in the name field i wrote www and in value field i wrote but when i type in my url i get the error “This webpage has a redirect loop” … hw to resolve this ?

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