Why Flipkart’s Flyte will not stop music piracy in India?

I am sure by now you must have read or heard about this online service called Flyte by Flipkart. It is run by Flipkart.com and allows users to purchase MP3 music files at pretty reasonable prices. Until last week for Indian music fans, there was no real online retailer who sold music legally and cheap. […]

Super Quick and Simple way to Download YouTube Videos

Internet connections are not always broadband and sometimes it is better to download your favourite YouTube Video on your computer to watch it later. I came across one of the simplest methods of downloading a video from YouTube thanks to a comment left of an older post by Andy. Lets say you love our ‘How […]

Download Songs from Grooveshark using GrooveDown [Updated]

Grooveshark, the popular music, radio streaming service doesn’t have an inbuilt feature to download songs. Unlike YouTube video downloaders, there are not many Grooveshark downloaders available. GrooveDown, a freeware tool can solve this problem. Features of GrooveDown Search songs using the built in search feature (If you have no idea of what to search then […]

JDownloader – All in one download manager for Linux

I have been using Ubuntu for few years and was searching for a feature-rich download manager for years. Recently, I came across the best platform independent, all-in-one open source download manager named JDownloader which has attractive features, which substitutes the popular Internet Download (Manager for Windows) in most of it’s features. Platform independent. (Windows, Linux, Mac, […]

Download – Full Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 Setup

Almost all new applications written for Windows Platform needs the .Net framework. The Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 is useful for programmers and developers. The focus of .NET version 4.0 is better support for parallel extensions. The .NET framework helps out these programs to run because of features like interoperability and language independence. This makes having […]

[Alert] Gawker’s Source Code & 1.4 Million Users Database is on Torrent for Download

I read somewhere longtime back that Internet is write-only medium, i.e you cannot delete once anything goes on the web! Unfortunately, for Gawker medias more than 1,400,000 registered users, above statement seem to be getting true. If you search for “gawker” keyword on any top torrent-search engines you will see list of torrents with all leaked […]

FlashGet – Install Free External Download Manager

FlashGet is a leading download manager. It uses MHT(Multi-server Hyper-threading Transportation) technique, supports various protocols and has exemplary features. It’s a freeware without any adware or spyware. Various FlashGet versions available with different UI and functionalities.

Download Complete Windows Live Essentials 2011 Offline Installer

Windows Live Essentials 2011 are a bunch of free software from Microsoft which is very useful for many things like viewing and managing photos, email, chatting with friends and also other features like creating movies. It also has my personal favorite blogging tool Windows Live Writer. I often see many people have limited plans when […]