Super Quick and Simple way to Download YouTube Videos

Internet connections are not always broadband and sometimes it is better to download your favourite YouTube Video on your computer to watch it later.

I came across one of the simplest methods of downloading a video from YouTube thanks to a comment left of an older post by Andy.

Lets say you love our ‘How to become a Devil’ video and decided to download it from YouTube.

The URL on YouTube is something similar to the image below.


Now in the URL of your address bar, type in ‘want’ before ‘youtube‘. So the URL of will look similar to what is shown in the image below.


This takes your to WantYouTube website and starts the download of the video you liked on YouTube.

Do try out WantYouTube and drop in your comments.

Link: WantYouTube

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Techno August 18, 2011

The website is asking me to install java.

Aditya Kane August 18, 2011

Yes. I guess it requires Java installed.