Download Songs from Grooveshark using GrooveDown [Updated]


Grooveshark, the popular music, radio streaming service doesn’t have an inbuilt feature to download songs.

Unlike YouTube video downloaders, there are not many Grooveshark downloaders available. GrooveDown, a freeware tool can solve this problem.

Features of GrooveDown

  • Search songs using the built in search feature (If you have no idea of what to search then take a look at the Popular songs from the Tools menu).
  • The Search list tab displays the search results, double-click a search result to add it to Download list.
  • Under Download list tab, click Download to start downloading the selected songs.
  • You can change the Download folder from the default folder to any place of your choice using Settings menu.

groovedown 1

Pros and Cons

Pros: No installation needed, so it’s portable. The relevancy of the search results is also good.

Cons: The log with time stamp (below the search bar) is not needed, it just adds to the interface clutter.

Is it Legal?

Nope, it’s not. Grooveshark clearly states in its TOS that the music should be streamed not downloaded (source)! Although, the developer of GrooveDown claims that downloading from Grooveshark is not illegal unless and until you share it (source). But still many doubt the TOS of GrooveDown, as it’s not professional and also it’s against the TOS of Grooveshark.

In short, if you want to support Grooveshark then don’t use GrooveDown.

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Link: GrooveDown


Suhas July 7, 2011

LOL… Grooveshark is legal? You must be kidding me..

They are all user uploaded music.. Grooveshark is evading the legal threats just because of that..

I’m pretty sure that Grooveshark will go the napster way..

Vibin July 7, 2011

Well, I agree that Grooveshark has many legal issues, but they do have a 5000 word TOS page. I read some part of it, this is what I learnt.

You are personally liable and you will indemnify (including legal fees), hold harmless and defend “Escape Media Group” (EMG- Grooveshark’s parent company) if you upload albums of the artists who HAVEN’T signed agreements with Grooveshark (70 artists did so far).

Grooveshark was removed from Apple’s appstore & Android Market due to legal issues, but then Grooveshark firebacked at Google(android) and now Grooveshark app is live again. So, what I want to convey is, there’s nothing crystal clear about Grooveshark, being legal or illegal.

Grooveshark July 11, 2011

Grooveshark is a legal service with thousands of licensed content partners, tens of thousands of independent artists, and millions of users offering user gernerated content to the service.

GrooveDOWN is an illegal service that violates Grooveshark’s terms of service and US Copyright law. There is no “private copy” exception as GrooveDOWN claims.