Save Gmail Attachments to SkyDrive in a Single Click

A few weeks ago we wrote about saving your Gmail links automatically to a Google Drive. But if you are using Windows, chances are you might be interested in Microsoft’s cloud offering SkyDrive. Microsoft is collaborating with for allowing users to upload or download attachments files from their SkyDrive account to Gmail. How it […]

5 Reasons Will Not be a Gmail killer

Last week, when Microsoft removed the covers of its new email service called Outlook, it has won many praises (including from yours truly) for it’s minimalist design. The service claims to have better spam fighting mechanism along with better controls for managing emails. It seemed like Microsoft has a real winner on its hands and […]

Automatically Send Google Analytics Reports by Email Every Day!

Google Analytics is something that most website owners use to track the type of traffic, a blog receives and also how much traffic which page or post on the blog receives. I am not one of those bloggers who likes to take a look at Google Analytics ten times a day. Just looking at the […]

Get a Snapshot of Your Social Media Life from Exactly a Year Ago

Today, exactly a year ago the Indian Cricket team won the World Cup. I thought about that glorious day from a year ago and wondered what sort of social update or photos did I share a year ago? Searching for your Tweets, Facebook updates or photos shared on Instagram can be tedious if not downright […]

Is Email Dead or Will it Survive? [Infographic]

I hardly use e-mail to keep in touch with school friends or family members online. I end up using social media. This rise in social media has led to the notion that email might be dead in the near future. Here is a infographic by visiblegains showing how Email is alive and kicking along with […]