Get a Snapshot of Your Social Media Life from Exactly a Year Ago

Today, exactly a year ago the Indian Cricket team won the World Cup. I thought about that glorious day from a year ago and wondered what sort of social update or photos did I share a year ago? Searching for your Tweets, Facebook updates or photos shared on Instagram can be tedious if not downright frustrating.

Timehop is an internet service that sends you email updates everyday with what you shared on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Four Square.

Sign up with your Facebook account on and also link your other account on social networks like Twitter, Foursquare and Instagram.

Timehop will put togeather all that you shared on these linked accounts from exactly a year ago. This information is sent to you via an email. This email will be the same one you use for your Facebook account, which you have linked to Timehop.

Additionally Timehop also sends interesting global news and events in the email update, which happened exactly a year ago. I find this a great way to relive some interesting updates and photos we shared on social media websites.

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Link: Timehop


Imran Soudagar April 11, 2012

Trying this crazy application! Loved the idea! 🙂