What’s new in the new Facebook Events

Facebook did some minor changes in the Facebook events. The basic concept of the event is still the same and even the way we create an event is same. Facebook just renamed some links on its event page. Let’s have a look at them and see what’s new there.


  1. Attending an event is Going to an event now. I don’t know why Facebook changed it but ‘Attending’ word was much better and professional for an event than going.
  2. Earlier it was ‘Awaiting Reply’ and now Facebook changed it to ‘Invited’ which is a better option for this list.
  3. Another good change in the events is that there’s no list of ‘Not Attending’ people in the sidebar. And it was neither needed earlier plus it gives more privacy to users who don’t want to attend an event and neither wanna tell their friends that they are not coming.
  4. Supported by Bing Maps, Facebook added an option of adding maps to every event you create. This gives a better idea of the location of venue to the attendees.
  5. Here Attending is Join now and if you don’t wanna attend an event just Decline it.

Let me know if I missed any updated related to events. Also don’t forget to share your views about these changes.


Eric November 21, 2011

So quick! Great overview for someone trying to wrap their head around with new Facebook updates. Thanks.

sauravjit November 22, 2011

Your Welcome! šŸ™‚

Luke November 25, 2011

They have taken off the “Share” button. Now i cant easily share this in the news feed. This is very annoying