Facebook decides to “Unlike” Facebook Lite

Facebook had a nice lightweight version for Facebook users which was called Facebook Lite. I personally liked it first using it but frankly you might want to access it only if you had dial up. Facebook has announced that they have stopped supporting Facebook Lite and if you visit the http://Lite.Facebook.com address you will be […]

Use lighter version of Facebook without using Facebook lite

The lighter version of Facebook i.e Facebook Lite is a good way of using Facebook with lesser bandwidth consumption as compared to facebok.com. But as we know that it’s so difficult to get back to Facebook.com once you have switched to Facebook Lite. If you are having the same problem please read “How to switch […]

How to switch back to Facebook from Facebook Lite?

I recently came across a post on Devils Workshop on Facebook Lite. As i went through the comments i found out alot of readers are facing problems of auto- login to lite version instead of original facebook version.

It took me a while to get to the root of the problem, as i am not facing this problem and also none of the friends around me 🙁

Here are a few possible solutions that may help: