Use lighter version of Facebook without using Facebook lite

The lighter version of Facebook i.e Facebook Lite is a good way of using Facebook with lesser bandwidth consumption as compared to But as we know that it’s so difficult to get back to once you have switched to Facebook Lite. If you are having the same problem please read “How to switch back to Facebook from Facebook Lite?”.

If you are still using and want to use a lighter version of Facebook without using Facebook Lite then here’s a possible solution for you.

First open your browser (Firefox e.t.c). Now in the address bar where you type


which is the link for opening mobile version of Facebook. Here www stands for World Wide Web and m stands for Mobile which is a very light version of Facebook.


(click to enlarge)FB

The page doesn’t looks nice like the original Facebook but still you can use all  the features of Facebook and that too without consuming so much bandwidth. In this  mobile version, you have all the necessary links required for using Facebook comfortably like Home, Profile, Inbox, Friends, News Feeds, Photos, Status Updates e.t.c. You can also watch the recently updated photos by your friends which are again light weight images ( nearly equal to 10kb).

QUICK LINKS: try it now 😉

A trick by FacebooKnol….

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Dougles October 30, 2009

It seems magnificent idea to me