Facebook decides to “Unlike” Facebook Lite

Facebook had a nice lightweight version for Facebook users which was called Facebook Lite. I personally liked it first using it but frankly you might want to access it only if you had dial up. Facebook has announced that they have stopped supporting Facebook Lite and if you visit the http://Lite.Facebook.com address you will be redirected to the normal Facebook.

Here is the message Facebook has on its page.

We have had issues and people commenting on our posts about getting stuck on Facebook Lite once they visited that page. I guess not more problems for those readers.

Also I think Facebook Lite was closed down as I think Facebook might launch a Mobile friendly version very soon. Keep reading our updates and we will bring it to you.

So will you miss Facebook Lite or happy that its done and gone away? Do let me know through your comments.

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josef dwight April 23, 2010

facebook users who are missing facebook Lite, or just want a slimmed down fb experience, devoid of all the junk the site spews out, should check out this cool browser app i found called Fluff Busting Purity, it strips out all silly/annoying application messages, and also gives you a choice of which types of messages you see on your facebook homepage, it works really well.