A new limitation of creating a page on Facebook

Just few hours back, we wrote about the new Facebook usernames for Pages. If you read that post, you must have noticed one thing that the Facebook was not allowing us to use the username “FacebooKnol”. After searching for sometime, I finally got the reason for it. Nowadays Facebook is quite serious about the copyright […]

How to setup a username for your Facebook pages

After the launch of usernames for Facebook Profiles, Facebook is all set to allot usernames to Facebook pages too. Facebook pages, one of the most important part of Facebook can now be found directly by their name in the custom link. For example the actually link of our Page FacebooKnol on Facebook is, http://www.facebook.com/pages/FacebooKnol/152086414624 By […]

How to create ‘Pages’ on Facebook

‘Facebook Pages’ one of the best way of interacting with people or better we say other Facebook users who all are the fans of any particular thing which could be a local business, brand, product, organization, band, artist, film or any organization’s page. Everyone on Facebook loves to become a fan of random pages but […]

Why always use a URL shortener before posting a link on Facebook

It is always recommended to use a shortened URL before posting any link to Facebook either on your homepage or in any page. It is because of the ultimate anti spamming system of Facebook which is operated manually. Suppose if you post a link to Facebook page and few people report it as a spam […]